Monday, December 29, 2003

in the rye

i just heard from lou. he's on the road again and now on his way to pittsburgh. he told me something very odd.

exact words were: i'm in a truck stop men's room right now. i enjoy calling you from here. = what's wrong with this picture?

in other news i feel like reading, catcher in the rye

'Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.'
~ J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye.

Yours Truly.

i just caught lou koller in the biggest lie of all lies.

i'm not mad at all cause it wasn't anything bad but the fact is he LIED.

i'm enjoying all the calls right now with him apologizing though. ha!

non deux

Dec. 29th, 2003 | 01:37 pm
i have talked to two males seperately and both had mullets. awesome. i should cut my hair and get like a mini mullet or something. i'd so fucking rock. seriously!!!!!

work is dragging and indeed i do have a case of the mondays. i'm going through the website here at work checking holidays and leave it to texas to have all these damn days off. look for yourself, STATE HOLIDAYS

i swear to god, everytime i write about lou in my live journal all of a sudden he calls me or text messages me. weird. i think he's not a singer in a band... he's a spy... i'm still not going to bring up europe though. the guys are on their way to d.c. right now.... we have text messaged back and forth for the past 45 minutes. my fingers hurt cause my phone is so tiny.

i really don't have anything else to write.. it's lunch time and i am working through it. i need the hours. i just want to thank whoever just microwaved tamales in the breakroom, now the whole fucking building smells like one big giant tamale.


Dec. 29th, 2003 | 01:37 pm
after meetings from hell this morning i have finally stepped foot into my office. i noticed my stiff little fingers pin was missing off of my jacket i leave here @ work. wtf? who stole my shit?

last night was simple. drunk ass blake called me about 13 times. insane singing messages were left on thee ol' voicemail. russ and i have been talking a lot. we got this phone pattern down. hours of conversation make me actually miss california.

i am thinking about flying out there for a weekend so we can hang out .....

mei-ling is still on my ass about going to europe in february. sounds great but looking at the big picture i can't see how i could afford it. she's been on my ass about calling lou and seeing if there is room on the tour bus. i know sick of it all and most precious blood usually share a bus but i just don't feel like calling lou and asking him. i think it's stupid. why can't mei-ling just ask pete? all i know is i am not calling lou and asking. grrrrrr.

tonight dinner with vanessa. afterwards i'm going to my brother's house to watch his iron maiden dvd he got for christmas. big screen t.v., high definition, surround sound. oh hell yes!

no plans for afterwards...
alan comes into town tonight. weeeeeee.

work must be done now. xoxoxo.

Sunday, December 28, 2003


i drank too damn much. grrrrr. i like my life when it's plain and simple. i am beginning to realize i am done with partying on the weekends. i prefer weekdays so much better.

last night was good though. dramatic, but good. i started the night @ fatso's with toby and vince. i can't believe how many redskin fans there are in san antonio. wtf?

i ditched fatso's quicker than anyone could say the word, abracadabra and headed over to susan's. talked her into going to bar america cause it was going to be a fun night..

dude, i was sooooo wrong. the night was stupid and obnoxious and susan's ex-boyfriend vince decided to be a real asshole with everybody.

we had a good crowd last night. i ran into fucking mike from the bop kings. where the shit has he been hiding?

i got to see dave, van, and robbie , brooke and her boyfriend.. weeeeeeee.

kris and i were very civil to eachother and i was so proud of him. ha! when everyone walked in and saw us sitting together i could see everyone's faces get that puzzled looked. hahahaha!

4:00 a.m. phone calls from russ are beginning to really rock my socks.

i'm going to watch pirates of the carribean for a bit now.


and <3 to van and dave  for the christmas gifts. i <3 you both.

Saturday, December 27, 2003


thanks senor nacho for keeping me company most of the day. i feel we have finally bonded. road and nacho best friends forever......

747 just called wanting to make plans tonight. i need to stop hanging out with kris's best friends. it just sucks that their awesome guys... :(

tonight i promised robbie we would hang out. i feel like if i haven't seen him in ages. wtf? dollar lone star @ bar america sounds like the plan for tonight......

who's meeting us up for drinks?

Thursday, December 25, 2003

well, my christmas eve was dull. most of my family lives in italy so therefore there is no huge family gathering. my father's sisters and brother live here in san antonio as well but he might have just been an only child just due to the fact that he doesn't acknowledge them nor has he ever. i feel bad though. they all moved here to be next to him but he doesn't give a shit.

by 9:00 a.m. yesterday i was so sick and tired of my mother that i decided to exclude myself from all christmas festivities that involved her. i spent my christmas eve in bed alone watching the remainder of my season 1 alias dvd. i was asleep by 10:00 p.m.

sorry for not returning anyone's calls. i was in a funk and still am.

this morning i went to have breakfast alone then went to church. i lit a candle for my aunt in italy. i just found out she has stomach cancer and there is nothing they can do cause it's already spread. i feel bad for her.

other than all, i wish ya'll a merry christmas... :)
have a good one...... xoxo.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Le' Beachy Keen

Of all the songs that could be stuck in my head on this gorgeous Thursday morning, I have Tatu's, Not Gonna Get Us. How f'ing annoying is that? ? ?

I had a rather sad and uninteresting night.
Erich and I grabbed a bite to eat then went to The Beach.
Toby and Susan met us out there. Had a grand ol' time until
Motivational Speaker Kristopher ended up walking in.
I couldn't take it so we all left and went to 007's.

Spurs Won. Oh hell yes!
Talk about Spurs Party being in effect @ 007's.
Hilarious Night with too many Hilarious Drunken People.

Today I get to spend some quality time with [info]nessersrocks.
I can pick you @ 4:30 from work. Is that fine?
I won't be able to leave the office till about 4:15.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

the beach.

this day is stupid. i'm ready to go home and go to sleep. is it 4:30 yet?

last night i had a blast. too much fun was had. it should be a crime. i ended up meeting erich out at the beach. spent way too much money on the jukebox therefore it was an 80's night. played our house by madness about 800 times. i love that song. susan and toby got there later on in the evening and we all watched the spurs game together. fun. fun. fun.

ran into kristopher's boys. they had all heard about the fight/squabble kris and i had gotten into last week. news travels fast in these neck of the woods. hilarious!
everyone ended up going home early so i decided to go with gordon and 747 to la tuna for a beer. boring. we then headed to 007 to see what was going on out there.
they had the upstairs closed due to a private party (lone star cafe's x-mas party).
of course we snuck in and hit that shit up. so much food was had. mmmmm tamales! the entertainment for the night was karaoke. oh hell yeah! of course i had to do some songs. i think the people in the crowd were like, who the hell is this girl? she doesn't work at lone star. hahahahahaha. gordon even sang a song. 747 and i were on the dance floor most of the night. it was insane.

let it be known that:
crashing christmas parties = one fucking fantastic night

Thursday, December 11, 2003

No Fucking Subject

Dec. 11th, 2003 | 01:37 pm
lemme just state this for the record: having the flu sucks ass.
i can handle coughing, sneezing, being nauseated, and having a headache. the one thing that is really killing me is the muscle aches. holy bah-geezus i fucking hurt.

thanks to carol for never coming over yesterday and taking care of her best friend. you suck! after a 10 year friendship i would think i deserved better. lol. you still suck. :P

temp. is back to 102. and i feel horrible. last night i was worse. thank god for text messages from lou. he makes me smile. thanks coralene for the text message last night also. i adore ya. :)

time to go back to bed and rest. xoxoxoxo.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003


i'm sore and have a bad cough. woe is me.
had a yummy yummy for my tummy sorta lunch.
oh how i love you pasta salad with italian vinegarette.
got an email from russ. this made my day.
i thought he hated me. i guess not.
he lives with thee ol' ex-mike in california
russ is awesome. mike c. is a lame-o.
the red jetta just died on me and is parked across
the street @ the elementary school.
something landed on my foot and burned it and all this
smoke entered the car. wtf? i wonder if it's on fire
outside right now. i'm not going to let kristopher
get the best of me. that's a must! leonard cohen makes
me happy. ciao.

Monday, December 8, 2003

(no subject)

uck the hangover cause mei-ling just made my day.

she asked me if i wanted to go on tour with her band in may. of course i said yes, i would get to see different cities and hang out with her and the girls and it would be awesome. tomorrow i am going to ask the attorney general if i can take a month off in may. even if it isn't paid this is something i definitely want to do.

she also wants me to go with her to europe from feb. 1st - feb 9th. the boys are playing europe for 7 weeks and she wants me to spend a week with them and then mei-ling wants me to go with her to amsterdam for a day or two so that sounds like fun.

the bill for the tour is sick of it all, most precious blood, and bleeding through. good music. will i get tired? hell no. mrs. mei-ling koller is lucky to be married to pete. she gets to travel everywhere. i need a rock-n-roll husband. hahaha. speaking of koller's, now i have to call lou and see if they have room on the bus for lil' ol me.

i just saw lou in florida last weekend and had so much fun at the show that i know i'd have an even better time knowing i'd be in europe hanging with him. i hope this works and happens.

i guess this is all. xoxoxo.

died a little death

i believe i am still legally drunk. *hiccup*.

working from home on a day i feel like total and complete shit is HEAVEN.


* falling off the chair at la tuna in front of EVERYBODY.
* erich getting completely naked on a table to l.a. woman @ 007's.

* kristopher asking me out of the blue, hey did you sleep with ed?
* getting on top of the bar @ 007's and singing Journey's, Don't Stop Believin'.
* finally getting to hangout with erich,toby, blake and susan without a midget sighting.
* got random hangup's and figure it out's from scott and 747 on my voicemail.
* yanking ed from his jacket and cornering him so i could ask, what the fuck?
* too many people kept slapping and/or spanking my ass.
* spending quality time with gordon in his truck just talking.
* susan actually wanting to go to a tittie bar.
* calling kris numerous times and leaving drunken messages.
* everyone wearing my plaidhatter hat.
* shots of jager,kamikaze's,gator bites, and orgasms. *ick*
* tecate's ... yum....
* dancing to lots o' duran duran
* getting my old bartending job back. *schweet*

Saturday, December 6, 2003


yesterday after work i met up with susan, jeff, and vanessa @ la tuna. it was so cold. drinking a nice cold beer in nice cold weather is not my idea of fun. moving to another table near the fire and all the smoke blowing into your face ain't too fun either. i lasted @ la tuna from 4:30 until 8:00. i was very proud of myself but so fucking cold that it put me into a bad mood. boo. we ended up going to bar america so we could be *indoors* and that was much better. dave ended up joining us for a bit and that is always a pleasure. :). susan and i were dead tired and sleepy so we left around 10:30 and that was our night.

once home i put on some joy division and fell into a deep sleep. my ambulance ring on my cell phone woke me up @ 2:16. my dear kristopher called and woke me up. he was drunk and wanted me to go get him. did i? hell no, it was too damn cold and i was too damn comfortable. he called me back around 2:45 complaining about some party and invited me over again. i still declined. the only way i was going over was if he would come and get me but he wasn't to keen on that idea. i asked him to come over and stay with me but he declined that too. oh well. i turned my phone off and returned to my sleep glorious sleep.

Friday, December 5, 2003

communication breakdown

Dec. 5th, 2003 | 01:37 pm
another cold front in good ol' san antonio. texas weather is retarded. i want coffee very badly right now. the coffee at the attorney general sucks ass so i ain't even going to go there. why aren't there any starbuck's on this ghetto part of town? bastards! closest ones: rivercenter mall and the one on the riverwalk. thanks but no thanks. another month has passed us by and once again first friday is here. holla! i want to go but not if it's going to be freezing. i'm trying to talk my sister and brother into hitting that shit up with me but i fear they will bail out. bah! any other plans? anybody know of anything? once again my cell phone has decided to hate me. i swear to god me and my cell phone have a love/hate relationship. *sings misfits, there's some kinda love and there's some kinda hate, the maggots in the eye of love, won't copulate and it's a whoa oh oh oh oh* i hate my cellular phone with a passion. you can still call and leave me messages but for some fucked up reason my sim card is defective and is now disabled which means i can't call out or even go to my phonebook and get anybody's number. it's not at&t's fault though. it's those rat bastard's fault at the place where i got my phone. so during lunch i gotta go and shove a boot up someone's ass and hopefully walk out with a working phone. this will be fun. kris called me twice last night but i didn't pick up. well how the fuck could i? grrrrr. i guess this is all. work is calling. xoxoxo.

Thursday, December 4, 2003


Dec. 4th, 2003 | 01:37 pm
what the fuck is up with the goddamn spurs? ugh, so close yet we lost the game. it's fucking embarassing. they need to get their head out of their asses and start playing some real basketball. grrrrrr.

last night was fun. susan and i met up at la tuna for a beer. ran into scott, gordon, and 747 so we talked them into watching the game with us @ joey's. fun times. lot's o' beer and lot's o' chips and salsa. everyone seemed bummed that the spurs lost because we were so close to winning. bah!

afterwards, we decided to make it another 80's night at the beach. totally dragged susan out even though it was passed her curfew. lol. fun times there until i got into a heated discussion with gordon about kris. so wouldn't you know while i'm defending thee ol' ex's honor my cell phone rings and it's him. i went over. i jumped up and down like a damn 5 year old cause i was so excited to see him. i knew he'd miss me. hahahaha.

i guess this is really it for now....
i'll be in court all day for work so i won't be returning emails or posts. i gotta go save the world one dead beat dad @ a time. xoxoxo.

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Tuesday, September 9, 2003


spent most of the evening talking to, of all people, ed. nessersrocks next time i see you, which will be friday since we are both in detox, feel free to hit me for being a schmuck and talking to him. mike and i are friends again. we missed eachother i guess. this is the longest we had ever gone without talking to eachother.

i asked him if he had a good reason for just completely cutting me out of his life. i got this :

I never said I had a good reason. I dont know Rose ive been thinking about a lot of things lately and one thing I do regret is the way I treated you especially when you were out here last.

WHATEVER ..... i'm going to bed. i wake up in 3 hours to go to work. grrrrrrrrr. night all.
I'm feelin' kinda : restless
I'm listenin' to : the faint

Friday, September 5, 2003

no subject. no no no.

Sep. 5th, 2003 | 02:41 pm
what the fuck am i doing up at this hour? oh that's right, i just got home from robbie's. sleep sounds soooo good right now. and that is what i shall do. buh-bye

tomorrow i'm only working half a day and even though i'm fucken exhausted and haven't really had a full night's rest since tues. night. here i sit and still type. tonight went to robbie's. i dunno what to think. our phone calls have turned into daily calls consisting of 3 or 4 times per day. us seeing eachother once every 2 weeks has turned into us seeing eachother about 3 times a week. i don't understand why i can't just meet anyone new. i'm still irked that when we were dating he dumped me for that chick roberta but today he said, how could i have dumped you when you had a boyfriend at the time. oops! then that's my fault. we watched, empire strikes back. i have 2 star wars down and 3 to go. woohoo. afterwards i made myself comfortable and got under the covers and watched him fiddle around on ebay most of the night. silly conversations were had. do i like him? well yeah a little. does he like me in that way? who knows? we already did the whole dating thing before. when he's not looking i smile and laugh and think, awwww we used to make out. hahaha. tomorrow night we are hanging out and doing the whole first friday thing. this dude adam turned fatal on me and has called me non-stop thru out the day. cuckoo. i hope i run into ed tomorrow. he's a cutie!
and yes vanessa,WE are still doing First Friday together. I think we can lose Robbie for a bit and have some fun on our own. How bad is that???? I am officialy hanging up my spurs and going to bed. Ciao~

Monday, September 1, 2003


last night after the rain let up. i met the girls out at la tuna for some beers. fun times. i enjoy my girls company. nothing better than wiping off your seat full of rain to sit down and have a nice cold beer and smell the rain. i only stayed a bit then went to robbie's. we watched, *drumroll*, Star Wars. Impressive, Most Impressive. Afterwards we just watched video's. It started raining out in his area and I was extremely tired so I ended up leaving around 3:00 a.m. or so. What's in store for today is cleaning. My room is such a mess. I hate mess! Tonight I'm going to a party. Hopefully that'll be fun. I didn't rest all weekend and that pisses me off. Maybe I can throw in some nap time before the party. Eh, I should start cleaning ... xoxo.
I'm feelin' kinda : lazy

Sunday, August 31, 2003

High Priced.

yesterday was so long and tiring. ended up being woken up by baby pia very early in the morning. woke up, took shower, got her dressed then we headed to target to buy evan a gift for his birthday party. after that i took her to mc donald's. she went wild in the play area. evan's party was fun. joey took his kids so we got to chill for a bit and had drinks. while @ the party robbie called. we made plans to finally watch star wars then afterwards we decided if we felt lazy we wouldn't go out but if we were to go out it would be to go watch, the high priced whores at tacoland. while driving home i got calls from van and alan so then I changed plans to go out with them instead. Called Robbie to tell him to meet us out but by then all he wanted to do was stay home. Me, Van, and Alan ended up going to la tuna and bar america. i almost got thrown out of bar america for being loud and obnoxious. all i was doing was giving dave the hello he deserved. fun times. i got the cutest pictures of vanessa and chad and also of an akita in my car. pics to come.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Like Whoa!

Aug. 30th, 2003 | 02:39 pm

waaaah! i'm a wee bit hungover. last night was fun. i scooped up brightpop from the airport and we headed to joey's. vanessa ended up meeting us there. we all had some drinks then went to tacoland to see, the mechanical walking robot boy. i love that band. fun times were had. i bumped and grinded magicwaffles like WHOA.