Wednesday, March 24, 2004


worked this morning. it was fun.
i <3 my work friends. good people.

went to new home and turned on light. nothing happened.
realized my landlord finally pulled the electricity plug
on me. i already called cps to have it change to my name.
i'll have light after 3. yeah rawk.. until then my name
will be carmen electra. rawk.

last night. good times. dinner with [info]nessersrocks.
funtabulos time as usual. afterwards scott and i were
kidnapped by roger and gordon and taken against our will to
club sirus smack in dowtown san antonio.

awesome bar! grear jukebox! cheap beer! i think i have a new hangout. it looks exactly like the burgundy room in hollywood, ca. even the vibe was the same.

what's up with the alamo. walked by last night and it's all pimped out. (is it because of the movie?)....

kristopher called me @ 12:30 last night but i was already crashed. :( . i miss him.

finally got locks fixed at new home. locksmith guy was handsome as all hell. i looked like shit therefore no sparks flew.

talked to lou this morning. he had just finished coming from the gym and was about to eat breakfast. i know lou is a PERSON but i just can't imagine him at a gym or eating breakfast. weird.

tonight: hoping to see [info]loritata and getting into some kind of trouble somewhere. maybe karaoke then b.a.?

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

lemme start this entry by giving a big happy birthday shoutout to the one and only sarah grant. *raises the roof*. go get your drink on tonight girl!!!!

dina, i miss you. we must gossip. i saw on my cellphone you called yest. WE MUST GOSSIP LIKE ASAP. i read an entry of yours that made me say, WOAH involving a certain someone who's name rhymes with elvis. <3

right now i must begin working. i was able to get online really quick but now the vultures (supervisors) have started circling me. (kill um' all.)

tonight - china latina yummy goodness with vanessa, then drinky drinks with scott at la tuna. sweet.

kristopher is out of town. i'm sad. amores perros.

Monday, March 22, 2004

i am.

i'm in missing the boy mode.
it doesn't happen to often
but goddammit i miss him.

Monday, March 15, 2004

subject: fuck you

Mar. 15th, 2004 | 01:37 pm
* the new place is coming along great. i <3 it *

kristopher and i are over

saint pat of la tuna and i went to la tuna last night. it rained and it was beautiful. i <3 outdoor bars. turtle let me be the d.j. and a lot of madness was played.

our house makes me smile. i <3 that song ....

i know some of my close friends are wondering about the kristopher and rose shock break-up.

here is the answer:

pat= white haired 50 somethingish year old man and downstairs neighbor.

pat tells me kris went up to him two nights ago all crazy-like and said, i heard rose is giving you a key to her apartment and pat is like yes that's correct. so kris decided to make it VERY CLEAR to pat that he better not try anything with me and that he (kris) will be over at my place ALL THE TIME.


pat seemed really upset that kris would go that far to do something like that and it was more disrespectful than anything. the only reason i am giving pat my key is because if i get locked out of my place all i have to do is go downstairs to his place and get the spare key.

so last night at la tuna i am sitting with pat and kris constantly keeps calling my phone and pulling a lloyd dobler and checking up on me every 2.5 seconds. it was all too weird. (we were at the same fucking bar. he could have gone up to me.) he once again decided to tell pat shit.

i never answered any of his calls and by the time i checked my messages there was one from him saying he didn't want to talk to me anymore and that it's over (because of pat)


other than that. i'm not sick anymore and my new place rocks!

xoxo, rose

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

not a subject.

Mar. 9th, 2004 | 01:37 pm
i am loving the new home. it rocks my socks.
vanessa came by to visit it. we got to meet my new neighbors. cools guys. i have cesar on the next balcony over and miguel that lives in the house next door. we nicknamed miguel *midget gordito*. we rock. my new lounge chairs proved to be a success. vanessa's lounge chair had hydraulics. awesome. after i bid adieu to vanessa i went and hit up hog wild for some new music. while paying at the cash register i put my wallet on the counter to get my credit card and when i picked up my wallet underneath it was a pic of sean peterson and friends. i did a double take and yes that was him. sorry sean for having my wallet on your face. :)

chris polansky's ass needs to be up in that biatch!

russ just called all pissed off and frantic. i was all confused and dazed since i was already sleeping. i was like oh shit, what did i do now? he's like, no its just my taxes and i just had to vent then hung up. wtf? wtf? wtf?

the kristopher just called. i was wondering when he was going to. looks like i didn't have to wait too long. my phone did die during the conversation but the point is, HE CALLED.

tomorrow is an 8-5 day. who's up for bar america tomorrow night or karaoke? going once, going twice .....

awwww, dave, i just saw you called.
your hanging with us tomorrow. i feel like i haven't seen you in ages. <3

and now bed time. later peeps.