Monday, December 27, 2004

its always something -

i ate stuffing for breakfast. around 8:00 a.m.

tom is at work. am i a bad girlfriend for never having eaten @ the restaurant my boyfriend is a sous chef for? if anyone has been to acenar, lemme know what you think? does my boyfriend cook well? he makes real pretty dishes. (i have seen um' in the paper).

right now i got to go to daniela's house and fix her computer. it's going to take a good 4 hours i am sure. i am bringing her and her hubby some pan de dulce. mmmmmmm.

tonight = china latina with the ladies. no grackle munday. boo.

i have nothing else to type. my tummy hurts big time. love, me

Friday, December 3, 2004

so sleepy ....

Dec. 3rd, 2004 | 12:36 pm
mood: lovedvery very happy
have i mentioned how much i adore my boyfriend?

happy birthday to my bestest friendest on thee whole entire planet miss la la loritata

she is not a wee little sapling anymore but a mighty oak. (i'm getting all teary-eyed.ha.not.)

last night. fun. tom picked me up and took me out on a date. awwwww. gotta love the boyfriend. we hit up the movies and then food. met up with smidgey mcguire, erich, and lori @ bar america. the boys got to meet the tom and i think they liked him. we all sang lori (with the permission of martin) HAPPY BRITHDAY @ midnight. PEARL BEER AND LONE STAR BEER IS THE WAY TO DO IT.

needless to say lori turned into a drunky mc drunkster as she should.

the group decided to go end the night @ davenport but i was soooo tired. i just went back to tom's place and crashed. this morning he treated me to breakfast. awwwww. i am so happy.

this afternoon lori and i are going to see that movie, closer.

i adore heart love clive owen so i cannot wait to see this movie. i heart clive owen. :: swoon ::