Saturday, March 5, 2005

hateration. holleration.

Mar. 5th, 2005 | 10:52 pm
mood: hateration. holleration.
.... la madeleine for lunch..... yummy.
what beats that? oh starting the night off @ 5:00 p.m. drinking liquor. with those two girls that names start with the letter d. i drank myself silly. it is eleven o' clock and i am home intoxicated. i can't even function properly. weeeeeee. the weather in san antonio is SHITE! the roads are slick. so slick that i actually saw a truck turned on it's side on 281 (right on top o' sam's burger joint). fire engines. ambulances. police. anyway, i am going to watch love me if you dare AGAIN because i just love love love love love love that movie. oh and so does [info]a_dub. :)

p.s. tom & i have been doing swell. so swell. so happy. so ridiculously good. so awesome. so intoxicating. even more intoxicating then the intoxication i feel inside of me right now. 3 more months and we FINALLY move out of this shit hole into the cadillac lofts. all it takes is patience. then you finally get it right. we did. i heart my chef. this much { ------------------------------ }

Thursday, March 3, 2005

(no subject)

mood: inspired
music: carol singing ike and tina

[info]carolxlee13 and i had lunch @ rosario's this afternoon. mmmm enchilada suizas. the weather is beautiful outside. we parked deep in king william so we could enjoy the walk to and from the restaurant. i don't know if mentioned but tuesday night was a blast. i heart you ladies. brass in pocket. <3. spoke to that lou this afternoon. he is very unhappy right now. i can tell. then i got brave and just asked him and he admitted he was unhappy. he seemed disappointed that i didn't catch the cbgb show, ::hello i live in texas::. he then complained on how i could have caught the live stream @ the cbgb website ::rolls eyes:: if anyone cares, the benefit for pete koller went well. it wasn't sold-out and less people showed as expected but overall nice turnout, moneywise. carol is serenading me with some ike and tina turner. i swear to god, she has the mic plugged into her stereo and is singing while i type. i heart this girl. yes, really!