Tuesday, January 24, 2006

like ass.

Jan. 24th, 2006 | 11:07 am
mood: nauseatedhungover
at work. completely hungover. 2 pukefest trips to the restroom later and i still feel like crap. must find way to be sent home early. i will grovel, beg, suck up, kiss ass, JUST LET ME GO HOME!!!!

clearly i must have been completely drunk last night because i was caught dancing to debarge's, rhythm of the night. sooooo gooooood! did the whole grackle munday thing last night sans the wiggle room. (i.am.so.hungover.and.sick.it.hurts.my.brain.hurts.)- sorry just had to put that in there

argued with my unsuper ex-boyfriend kristopher last night. cops were called. cops talked to both us. no reports were filed. and of course this all happened at blue star. people don't change, we change. .. .

drove home to an empty house. boyfriend was out. stormy bear was out. kristopher & i texted for awhile then he called and we talked for an hour about everything. i know this man more than he knows himself. i know him inside and out. it's scary when you know someone so complete like that. i feel guilty like if i should only know my boyfriend that way. boyfriend got home soon after and he gave me the privacy to remain on the phone and sort the old shite out. I HAVE THE GREATEST BOYFRIEND EVER!

anyway, back to work, god i feel awful. .. .. . happy tuesday guys ....

Monday, January 23, 2006


the weekend! geezus, the weekend! friday was all about the current’s 20th anniversary blue star gallery night. free food + free wine = a little rosie very happy. mooched off as much alcohol and food that i could then headed down to bar america. met up with sam and his friend absara. that woman has got to be the most awesome chick i have ever met in my life. she is this short, cute, little indian woman, lesbian, smart = the whole package. too bad i don't go that way cause i would have been in love. she was in town on business from new york and she was just this burst of positive energy. totally cool. not only was i impressed by this woman but daniela, russell, and kristopher soon followed.

saturday was total sit on your ass and do absolutely nothing day. daniela and sam came over mid-afternoon and we all just hung out drinking and watching movies all day. how many times can you forward napolean dynamite and just watch his dance sequence? hmmmmm about 8 thousand. kristopher ended up texting around ten. then he texted sam. then daniela. geezus! we all decided to meet up at b.a. that was very short-lived for me. i lasted a good 15 minutes and could not keep my eyes open any longer so i went home and slept.

yesterday involved watching spurs game with boyfriend (whom is a poor sickly flu-bug person right now.) then as usual he went to work. who has been working 6-day weeks lately? HIM. boo. ended up @ daniela's last night for guilty pleasure sunday t.v. and her being an awesome friend and letting me do laundry there. yesterday weather horrible. today weather sunny, so sunny.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the highlight.

not much to report. i bought one curtain at goodwill for 99 cents then i went home and made it into TWO curtains and now my heart and living room are full.