Saturday, March 11, 2006

yes and no and yes

mood: sleepysleepy

project runway marathon! yes! my afternoon is complete!

my sister and brothers are all on their way to new mexico for spring break.
they all left @ 4:00 a.m. driving. boo. why didn't i get the invite?

last night kristopher and i met up with van and brad @ bar america.
that was fun for a while then cock punches happened then it was fun again.
left a little after van and brad and just came home.

tried sleeping. take 1. phone starts ringing. riiiiiiing. john laws.
tried sleeping. take 2. phone starts ringing. riiiiiiing. kristopher.

i feel so awfully tired. i wanted to spend the day with mum and dad but i think i'll go visit them tomorrow in the day.

i have nothing else really to say. xoxo, rose