Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i was in 3 states today

had drinks & dinner in albuquerque, new mexico last night.
spent the night there also. aside from the homeless man smoking crack and the flock of goth kids i encountered, albuquerque was a-okay.

this morning i did the trek from albuquerque, new mexico to flagstaff, arizona. oh how i love you flagstaff with kaibab forest and the delicious scents of cedar and pine.

from flagstaff it was off to kingman,arizona for horrendous thunderstorms that literally had me thinking i'd drown from all the down pour that surrounded me.

ended up at the hoover dam. where i stopped and stood and did not understand why everyone around me stood and had their picture taken with a f'ing dam. huh? what?

the roads thru the mountains from and to the hoover damn were insanely winding and steep and not for people like me who fear heights...

finally in the distance i could see the skyline of downtown las vegas.
this dirty-ass city never changes. dinner @ monte carlo pub and grill with tom then off to gamble at bellagio where i won 53.00 bucks.

vegas + rose = happiness. home sweet home.