Tuesday, October 31, 2006


dear live journal,

if only you knew the questions i was asking my friends this weekend about a certain situation that happened friday night. you would be shocked. russ and dave can be counted on to say the truth and go into detail about specifics. i love you guys.

my weekend both sucked and rocked. friday night it sucked because of gabe. he totally sucked. saturday rocked because sara invited me to rutamaya for that fashion show she was in and i ended up having a blast with her there and at travis 151. good times.

yesterday i watched too much lost season 2. too much.

today i spoke to russ for forever. i also got a call from clinique for a part-time evening position. i wanted to go back to lancome but they haven't called me back. bugger.

tonight i want to go get drinky drinks. i get my key to my new home tomorrow.

gloria read my cards today.

everything finally feels familiar and falls right back into place.

xoxo, rose

Thursday, October 26, 2006

but seperate's always better when there's feelings involved.

complete dork. i woke up with outkast's hey ya stuck in my head. it refuses to go away so i am stuck here at work singing the silly song. i feel crazy hungover today even though i know i am not. three lone stars do not get me hungover. i'm getting old. last nite i met up with <lj user=nessersrocks> at bar america for some girl time. fun. was home and in bed a little before two a.m. so that was nice. tuesday i get the keys to my new loft. so excited. i love moving into new places and decorating and unpacking. i hate saying goodbye to old places though. russ called me last night wanting my opinion on his halloween costume. sailor or pirate? i picked sailor for him (not white though navy..) i adore russ. haven't been up to hanging with gabe these past two days even though he calls and tries. sigh. what to do?

xoxo, rose

Saturday, October 21, 2006


i have babysitting duty tonite. dude, i must really love my sis and bro's kids cause i'm doing it for free. boo. my nephews bought me pizza, they rock. i brought my mastiff gulliver over so he can play with his mama and papa and brother. his parents refuse to acknowledge him. his brother loves him. even in the dog world there's "tough love".

yesterday was a good day. russ & i had our usual friday afternoon traffic talk session. ended up going out and meeting up with lily, debbie, and carol at this bar called, the other woman. karaoke lone star beer, i'm always a happy camper. left those girls to meet up with sara @ the mix. ran into brad and van. gossiped. talked. drank.

carol and lily ended up kidnapping me from my house around 3:30 a.m. fell asleep @ 6:00 a.m.
i am beginning to wonder if i am really 29 cause i've been acting like a damn 15 year old lately. staying up all kinds of late and sleeping in a little too much. it actually makes me feel younger doing things like that. heh!

someone left at 6:00 a.m. - someone.someone.someone.

Friday, October 20, 2006

4:00 a.m. bedtime (again)

last night clarice and i walked around the block/rode bikes @ 11:00 p.m. this is what we do when we can't find anything else to do. the weather is perfect. sweaters. the feeling of actually being a bit chilly. hugging someone in the cold. pure bliss! once we were in the house we just lied on the bed with gabe in the middle of us. he is funny. i just call and am like i'm bored and he'll be like i'm coming over. haha. clarice and i like to give him a really hard time about everything but he just lets us. poor guy. clarice called her current crush sally and they stayed on the phone all night. sally = boy. tonite clarice wants to do something but sara also wants me to go with her to see marie antionette. what to do?


Thursday, October 19, 2006

the weirdest crap happens to me.

the hail last night destroyed my back window to my car. right now it's still in place but in a million little pieces. didn't even notice it until this morning. last night joey picked me up during the storm so i guess i didn't notice it then. just another random thing to pay that i don't have the money for. quite sad.

what is the opposite of sadness - happiness. i had a little bit of that last night at the mix with sara. we are too silly. had fun. drank. ran into usuals. good times.

tom and i are discussing a "break" of some sort for our relationship. lately i feel so suffocated and stuffy and after my finances went from existant to non-existant. he didn't even step up and offer to help me. he makes twice the money i make in a month and nothing. i have started the detachment process. he can keep the house. i'll take my little 930 sq. foot loft apartment and live alone.

i guess this is all for now. xoxo. rosie

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

(no subject)

i've had a tummy ache all day. i have to pack up my home soon. then i'll have to unpack it in a smaller space. boo. i can't wait for all this house business to be done already. my stress level is on high. so many bills. even to transfer electric to another address costs a buttload. if my acidic ulcerish stomach is up to it, tonight i'm going to drown my money woes in a beer or two or three.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hungover + boy talk

mood: hungover and grumpy

completely hungover off of lone star. crawled into bed @ 4:00 a.m. called into work @ 6:30 a.m.
i was designated driver - duties included: driving carol all the way to her boyfriend's house off of medical center. they look like brigitte and flava flav together. same color too. hadn't spoken to security in forevereverever so carol and i made him pick up carol's boyfriend at work and take him home. carol said, that guy must really like you if he is willing to pick up a stranger and take him home. security brought me home and walked me to the front door. did the awkward handshake thing. he expected a kiss. too bad. megan won't stop calling/texting me. he actually told me he wanted to be my boyfriend. that would be all gravy, if i didn't already have one of those (a boyfriend.) life is unusual. i'm actually satisfied in my current relationship state so it's funny. russ called me yesterday and we are normal again. amigos para siempre. now russ, oh russ! that is someone i would love to be more than friends with but that would never happen. i wouldn't even have the chance if i was single. bollocks!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Subject

it's not even 8 a.m. and i'm wide awake. this weekend i didn't go out. friday night i slept and last night was my father's 66th birthday party. i spent the night at my parent's (where i still am)in their cozy little guest bedroom. i haven't slept that peaceful in months.

i signed the new lease on my loft. goodbye home. goodbye downtown. i am a little sad. who am i kidding? i am very sad.

russ and i aren't as close as we normally are and can't seem to have a conversation without some stupid arguement starting. - upsetting.

i guess i'll drive home now. i miss the pets.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

gloom be gone (maybe just a little...)

at parents house doing laundry and eating free food.
must thank the people that sent me emails or phone calls offering to help.
i sat down will all bills in hand, bank account statements, and every credit card i owned and made things happen. it feels good to have done it by myself without the help.

bills in no particular order

rent = 700.00 (paid)
water = 45.00 (paid a little under half but will be okay for awhile)
electric = 125.00 (paid)
sprint pcs = 163.00 (paid)
gas in car = 10.00 (no one call me to go out!)
groceries = 0. (i enjoy starving)
pets/food = 20.00 (this is what happens when you own a mastiff and a snobby cat)

other news: i decided to move out of the house and move out of downtown/southtown. it's just too expensive. i mean everything is just getting so expensive.

i ended up getting a fabulous little loft around the medical center area. i needed to make 3 times the amount of the rent and first they told me no but today i got the phone call that it is all mine and all i have to do is go sign the lease in the next 3 days and bam! it's mine!

i feel all grown up. this will be my first time in my whole life i will be living in san antonio but outside of downtown/southtown. is there really life out there?