Thursday, November 30, 2006

it is 41 degrees outside. what !!!!

mmmm.. i am eating pei wei leftovers right now. delicious. spurs lost twice in a row. boo. i am trying to get out of going to mc allen for clinique but it doesn't look like it is going to happen so i should start packing my bags tonight. sucky. last  night was fun and seriously old school went out with cros, scuba, and brian to go throw darts and drink beer. made a 1:45 a.m. stop into bar america to have a drink with erich before ending the night.

p.s. i am so excited i get to wear a sweater today

love, rose

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


<div align="center">is it just me or is top chef ALWAYS on?&nbsp; i want to go somewhere and watch the spurs game tonight. first i need to find some where to go and second i need to find somebody to go there with. i&nbsp; am craving pei wei bad. mmmm spring rolls and miso bowl. the weather is shifting. i can hear actual wind blowing outside. why is it still tank top weather here? v. told me last night that it might snow in dallas tomorrow. hmmmm. i am so sick and tired of britney spears vagina already. i mean even the old bats at the hospital were gossiping about it over sweet bread and coffee. geezus!!!! <br /><br />p.s.&nbsp; i am really craving pei wei. <br /><br />thisis all. finito. rose</div>

Sunday, November 26, 2006

don't do it

do not ever watch dot the i with gael garcia bernal. it sucks balls. the end. rose

signs ..

<div align="center">texting with le' artist vincent valdez right now and he just told me that he checked our zodiac signs online to see if&nbsp; we were compatible. ha. cute.<br /></div>

Thursday, November 23, 2006

gobble gobble

hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. i got sucked into grey's anatomy tonight. f'ing christina, she pisses me off..... i'm a little giddy. i had (count em') 3 missed calls from le' artist vincent. i finally called him back and he asked me out to dinner and drinks tomorrow night. eep.... i do not know if this is a date but c'mon dinner-drinks... i haven't&nbsp; gone out on a date or with a guy like this in over 2 years....&nbsp; what to wear? what outfit makes me look slender? how do i wear my hair? --- geezlaweez, i'm a dork....

gimme a break, like i said, i haven't gone on a date that has involved an actual dinner in YEARS ..

in other bleh news i have to work for clinique tomorrow, sat, and sun. booooooooo !!!!!!!
at least next weekend i'll be doing make-up out of town fri-sun. so i'll have a mini-vacation.
i love love love staying in hotels. my last hotel stay was in tucson and boy did that suck. off topic.

okay back to boy topic. he is only in town for 4 days then goes back to l.a. for work. so that's another booooo!

i haven't been this excited to hang with someone in a long time.... it feels good.

night lovelies.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


from time to time i like to go back and read old journal entries. i read this journal entry i had posted in 2004 about me thinking lou was mad at me and in that entry i actually wrote <i>i don't know what i would do if we never spoke again ...</i>&nbsp; well i guess i'd do just fine because it's been two whole years that we have not spoken .... wow.. where does the time go? <br /><br />it is an extremely unpleasant feeling knowing somebody for eight years and having a physical/emotional relationship with them and now this person has turned into a stranger that you don't even know anymore. it gives me little pangs to my heart. <br /><br />my space has been awfully funny with me lately. i got a message from this random guy named vincent about a month ago i never bothered to check his profile page but he sent me a message asking if he could add me as a friend, i let that message sit in my inbox for weeks before responding. finally i was like yeah, sure... then he sent another message saying he lived in san antonio previously and had never seen me around. i sent him a message back saying, yeah i never saw you around either. well we have been messaging eachother every other day and today i finally went to his profile page and viewed his pics. ha! i went to middle school and high school with this person. small world. even after high school and spending most of 20's living in southtown and blue star i never ran into him and what i read in his profileand (ahem! googled!) he is a really big artist now. he lives in l.a. now but will be in town for 4 days during thanksgiving so we plan on hanging out and talking about how we never talked in middle school and in high school.... truly funny stuff. now that i think of it he was on the s.a. current front page now too long ago either... hahaha. god i'm dumb.... <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Thursday, November 16, 2006

No Subject

the days can be endless. i just picked up baby pia from school with my mum. i don't know why i still call her "baby" pia she just turned 7 for pete's sake. old habits die hard. today i worked one job and it felt so good. yesterday i worked the hospital then worked @ clinique at saks 5th ave. what <s>fun</s> complete bore!
i actually fell asleep before nine last night. god i'm lame. promised sara i wouldn't be a hermit and would show my face at p.j.'s tonight. i have no fashion sense anymore. scrubs by day, labcoats by night. :(

Thursday, November 9, 2006

hello ??? anyone out there ????

have not had the time to update. i'm still work/struggling in the hospital full time monday thru friday. i also just got hired with clinique as a freelance make-up artist for special events and what nots. extra money sounds so good. i ain't gonna lie. i'm broke. i just moved into my new place. i went from a two bedroom home with backyard and front yard to a 930 sq. feet split level loft. i don't have all the room i used to have but i can't help but smile each time i walk into my new little place. it is so cozy and so tucked away from the outside world that sometimes i wake up and never want to leave. i still have boxes and boxed of things i have not unpacked. all will come together soon i hope. tom and i are still broken up but he has moved into my new place for one month so he can find a new place. we have lived together for two years and i felt like ass each time i thought about leaving him with no place to live. one month is all i gave him so hopefully this kindess of mine pays off. in my new place i have free basic cable and have caught a couple of the new top chef episodes. tom is a chef and everytime i see marcel i cringe cause that is EXACTLY the type of person i live with except without marcel's crazy hair. the attitude, the cockiness. the i'm better than everyone else. the fucking molecular gastronomy. THAT IS TOM !!!!!

--- lunch time. i'm at work. so adios. hope everyone is good. xoxo.