Friday, November 30, 2007

blah to the blahness.

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life is like a box of chocolates. not really.
i wish i had a box of chocolates right now.
i never really liked chocolate until i became an adult.
shouldn't it be the other way around?
i'm @ job #1 (united health group)
they let us cruise the internet when we aren't busy (my kind of job.)
tonight i work at neiman marcus.
last night i hyped up the evening for going out then got anti-social and let dave down.
sorry dude, i was soooooo tired.
i'm still bummed about russ. seriously i gotta get over that already.
i don't get over things quickly. i wish i did.
i want to go tonight. i doubt i will find anyone that wants to.
i hate being 30. all my friends are married, have kids, in relationships or just stay home on weekends. boooooo!
can someone please send me single friends that like to get out?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

jobby job

Currently feeling: contemplativecontemplative

working three jobs is tough.
one is seasonal so i shouldn't complain.
my jobs are interferring with eachother though.
one has got to go.

neiman marcus, clinique, united health group

which one of you do i cut out of my life permanently?

oh and russ never called me again, will not answer my calls or texts, blocked me from his myspace, wants nothing to do with me.

so. completely. sad.

Monday, November 26, 2007

(no subject)

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at the lovely dave's house. drinking lone star, watching spurs, cigarette smoking out in the cold. life is not fair. life is never fair. i'm watching sportscenter and it's sad. their talking about some player that got shot and it's bumming me out like i said, life is not fair. yesterday russ stopped being my friend, did the whole deleted me from myspace and i tried sending a message and it said, "you have to be russ's friend to send a message." wtf? he totally premeditated that shit! i fell asleep. this is all about me falling asleep. i can't go into it now. i'm just super bummed and hurt and sad. i would soooo hold a radio over my head in front of his window if i could right now. life is not fair.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

non gossipy gossip

Currently feeling: contentcontent

 it's october and i came to work in a bright pink sleeveless summer dress. what is wrong with this picture? today it is supposed to be 92 but if it hits 93 then we will break a record. silly texas weather. i want fall weather already. i want to wear peacoats and scarves and boots already. booooooo. texted with russ back and forth a lot these past couple of days. it's a sticky situation. i feel everything that comes out of my mouth or that i text is the wrong thing to say. i dunno. it's weird. ugggggggghhh. stupid friendships. everything in my life is good right now. not too much to complain about.

love, rose


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sing me to sleep

Currently feeling: coldcold

this is soooo past my bedtime. why am i awake?
had good communication with russ today.
he actually admitted to being a big asshole at times.
he then told me to save that text cause one day i'd need proof that he apologized.
he also thanked me for being his friend (which was nice.)
why can't i go to sleep? ugh.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Nov 12, 2007

ho hum.

Nov. 12th, 2007 | 03:28 pm
Currently feeling: confusedconfused

the weekend was good to me. cough seems to be dwindling. finished taking my steroid medicine. thank you jesus!
sister and i went to the chili bowl saturday night. our high school football team played and got their ass kicked by the rival team.
best part of the game was the frito pie and sour pickle i bought. i miss high school. it's been 12 years since i graduated. wow.
california travel is on. cannot wait. russ and i are going to the spurs vs. lakers game in l.a. on the 13th of december.
beer plus basketball equals fun to the 1,00000 power. things seem to be looking up.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Doctor's Galore !

so my life has been revolving around doctors lately. nothing alarming or anything. it's just thee ol' yearly check up time.

1. optometrist - 2 new pair of glasses, no more red yucky ugly betty glasses. my vision slightly decreased. nothing major.

2. doctor visit - i STILL have my wet cough that sounds awful and my nose is always running (it's been 5 weeks.). been using my inhaler a lot. i have 3 more days of steroids for the lung inflammation. AHHHHHH ROID RAGE!!!!

3. 4 hour dental visit yesterday. seriously wtf? no wonder dentist have the highest suicide rate. i'd hate staring in someone's mouth for that long, i'd go mad also. SOOOO the 27th and 29th of this month i have deep cleaning appointments. that shit's going to hurt. 2 quadrants on the 27th the other two quadrants on the 29th. my teeth are in good health. i have one cavity. my teeth are white so the deep cleaning is to get the plaque out from the gumline and under. *barf*

THEN - the asshole dentist told me i have to go back and get 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled out. i was like uh hello, they don't bother me but he was like, Ms. Rodriguez if you want that perfect smile and straight teeth those need to come out. I was like, man i really do want straight teeth and my mind was changed (actually i do have straight teeth except for my main front two. over the years one has moved a little over the other causing me to have a mini-snaggle tooth thing going on, and by mini, i mean mini. snaggle tooth pic under the cut and yes i know i look like lisa (left eye lopes in this pic.)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

once thee ol' wisdom teeth are removed. i get braces for 6 months and voila. straight teeth and little overbite - adios to you both.

now all i need to do is lose about 20 pounds and i'll be like some extreme makeover person. lol.

i like me now though. i'm fucking awesome.

i have a crush on a guy. met him monday while out shopping with carol. he stuck out his hand to introduce himself which of course i took and shook. it was completely out of the blue. we talked for awhile. noticed the interested vibe in both our parts. talked about where we worked and blah blah blah. then he asked my friend carol if he could kiss me. completely nervous i got carol by the hand and walked the other way. ahhhhhhhhhh. i need to stop being so lame and starting kissing strangers. his name was cariq. i know this because when he introduced himself he said his name and i said, derek? he said no.i said eric? he said no. i was like, what the hell is it then? and he said cariq. c-a-r-i-q. totally hot guy. in the half american/ half middle eastern non-terroist type of way.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Nov 2 2007

everybody knows where you go when the sun goes down.

Nov. 2nd, 2007 | 02:57 pm
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Currently hearing: cry cry cry - johnny cash

called my bank and got the worst customer service rep. EVER! he was soooo rude and sooooo mean that i actually burst out into tears while i was talking to him. weird. i never do things like that. i can't even remeber the last time i cried. yesterday i asked my bank to transfer 130 dollars from checking to savings and when i called today to see if it went thru the asshole acted like if i was asking him to part the seas or something. ugh! i throw both hands up and graciously extend my middle finger to that asshole. uuuggggggh!

in other useless news of the day, sick of it all was in town last night. people called and asked, are you going to the show? my answer was HELL NO!  lou and i have not spoken to each other in 2 whole years. i was told by his fiance at the time, wife now, that i was not wanted at any of their shows anymore. i've always wondered if lou knows that she told me that. it doesn't matter anyway. the past is the past. i missed him for about 2 seconds yesterday. it was hard for me to remember the last time i saw him but i remembered. it was here in san antonio and he was in town for a show. we spent the day walking around dowtown, visiting the alamo like we always do, eating lunch, and laughing a whole lot. i miss all the guys in the band and yesterday was their first san antonio show in 10 years that i did not attend. :(

this is all for today. the cust. serv. rep wore me out.

love and love,

Thursday, November 1, 2007


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can you believe it's november already?

where did the year go???????