Saturday, November 20, 2004

texan and proud.

Nov. 20th, 2004 | 10:55 am
mood: apatheticapathetic
last night wasn't so pretty.

headed over to sanctuary to pick up kevin from 7 shot screamers. we then scooped up lori and headed to bar america to kill some time before the club opened. good conversation with damn good music.

headed back to club and got to spend time with the rest o' the boys. their show was good as usual. fat bottomed girls was the request of the night. i love the way they cover it. :)

vanessa and eva were in attendance. yaaaaaay.

walked out of the river city rebels show. fuck that band. no seriously, fuck that band. the singer made some remark about how they went to a border's book store here in san antonio and was shocked to see they had an actual reading section and that us texans knew how to read. then he made a couple of derogatory comments about texas women. that band can go suck a big fat dick and choke on it. i lost all respect for them......

mike, kevin, and chris all talked to me at seperate times and didn't want me to take it so seriously. i wasn't upset at them of course. i just wasn't in my normal happy-go-lucky self anymore.

i am very proud of being a texan. i really don't appreciate some fucking band stereotyping all us texans just because bush is from here. what a fucking waste of a real good band.

ended up leaving the venue. i had to leave cause as soon as they got off stage you know me. i would have cracked a couple of lone stars on someones head. told the screamer boys bye. told them to call me if they still needed a place to crash. (god bless matt shaw's heart for taking them in..) most of the guys seemed to understand and were cool with me leaving. mike seemed a bit angry about the whole thing. ( as in typical female going overboard)...

and that was my night.

quite the disappointment

tonight = the faint in austin with la la loritata.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

dog days.

Nov. 14th, 2004 | 05:51 pm
mood: coldcold
music: your love - the outfield

due to illness and a child's birthday party i didn't get to see alan this weekend. i hope i can be forgiven for being such a sickly person. :(

went to some stores to pay some overdue bills and it's crazy seeing san antonio people in hats, coats, gloves, and scarves. i have to admit though today feels EXACTLY how a regular winter day would feel. grey skies, constant drizzling, 50 degrees, the scent of wood burning, various christmas decor everywhere you turn. unfortunately, this weather brings back not so nice memories for me and leaves me unfulfilled, grumpy, and a bit sad. winter and i have never gotten along.

muchos gracias go out to lori and joe chopper for coming out to pia's 5th birthday party last night. the trivial pursuit 90's version is a bit overrated. i also overheard someone in my family name us girls the breeding stock since it was a battle o' the sexes type of game. i have the most awesome family on the planet. all my sisters and brothers all married with children. so much love.
true fact about my family: nobody in my family has ever gotten a divorce (this fact has been checked years back and years present and no divorces anywhere)...of course leave it to me to be the first divorcee in the family right?

one month until the lou comes crashing back into my life and turning my world upside down. december 13th doesn't seem so far away anymore. i tried to talk myself out of going to the show just to save some heartache but it's like a bad accident waiting to happen. once it's in front of your face, you just have to stop everything your doing, pull over, and go take a look.

i need a drink. i need pumpkinhead ale (tis' the season). i need some beer to warm me up. drinks. drinks. who's up for them? <3, rose