Thursday, June 14, 2007


school has gotten to me. i'm irked. do i really want to do hair? i mean, seriously. i love to do color. highlight. lowlights. foils. all of it. i just hate cutting and guess what, all we do is cut.cut.cut. i'm a colorist dammit not a stylist. haha. i knew i should have gone to aveda and taken the damn esthetician course. ::end of rant::

work last night was ultra lame. i read half of the bell jar at my cubicle. the one thing i love about my job is being able to read and do homework at my desk. i get a lot done. got word yesterday from the boss that my benefits start on aug 1st. sweeeeeeet.

met up with veronica guess aft. work. she almost bailed but didn't. we drank our merry little heart outs while singing along to johnny cash's, i got stripes, every 10 minutes. good times. russ and veronica were formally introduced via mobile to mobile. he enjoyed the conversation they shared. insanely funny.

it was a good night long overdue.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Jun. 9th, 2007 | 09:55 am
mood: angryangry
music: the devil went down to georgia
i really wish i was at the beach right now. there's no place like being AWAY from home.

i've been in this funk for the past two days. it started off thurs. night for the spurs game. i made plans to meet up with veronica for beer/drinking spurs action but she got stuck doing homework so i decided to go to the bar alone. it felt weird. i'd hope she would finish her homework in those two hours but nope, nothing. -- it made me sad.

then last night i wanted to go to alex rubio's art opening so i called sara and she said yes. i told her i wanted to be there at 8:00 p.m. 7:45 rolls around and i still have not heard fr. her. then 8:00 rolls around and i txt her and just basically say nevermind. she then decided to txt me and put "i'm a mean friend". at least i'm a fucking friend that can tell time. -- --- --- i feel so disconnected from ppl.

russ and i got into a little spat. yest. as well. it's probably the emo-overload coming from the two topics listed above that has me in this state.
his txt message to me was, "please don't pick a fight with me. i'm tired and i do not wish to argue." i wasn't calling him to pick a fight. i was calling him because i needed someone to talk to.

i'm so sick and tired of people right now. i didn't go to school today cause i feel so angry inside.
tomorrow i work 4:30-1:00 a.m. i'm so glad. for the first time ever i would rather be at work then spending time with people i actually care about.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Where do you go?

so next month i will be 30 years old. wow. my 20's are over. where does the time go?
it's weird to think that i will never be a teenager again nor will i be a 20-something year old anymore.
i don't necessarily feel old. i don't necessarily feel young either.

spoke to russ last night and he is for sure, 100%, in for vegas. he'll be driving down the night of my birthday (july 20th.)
i'm completely over the moon that i get to hang out with him for a couple of days. :: does happy dance::

i'll be in vegas july 19th - 23rd. i cannot wait !!!!!

<3, rose

Sunday, June 3, 2007

little random things.

sara is back from japan. on wednesday afternoon she brought lunch to the school and we ate happily, talking about japan, men, hair, and what not's ...

veronica guess and i got together earlier on in the week to watch the spurs kick utah's ass. we made it to the final's!!! boo-yah biatches!

school is the usual. we are going thru perm theory (again!). i fucking hate perms. they smell like shit!

old ex-thom text's from time to time. it makes me sad. russ is stupid or just angry. i never get him.

giovanni gave me his jack russell terrier so now lola felana is my dog. she looks EXACTLY like eddie from frasier. cuteness.

i need to call work today. i just tried to pull up my schedule online and  it said, THIS EMPLOYEE IS SUSPENDED!

shit. shit. shit.

love, posey