Thursday, May 27, 2004

brekky phast

granola bar for breakfast. ick! 8:00 a.m.

today consists of: me driving to lori's work and visiting my parent's. should be a stress-free day. should be. i am off from work until tuesday. rock!

last night was semi-fun. me, lori, and kristopher had some great laughs at b.a. i <3 when kris sings to lori. while i was getting ready for bed last night i started crying because kristopher is almost gone and i am going to miss him so much. i got over it after 20 minutes of crying and now i feel better. things in life just happen for a reason. oh well.

meeting time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

no no no

i am staring at my lean pocket and coffee. i know, i know. breakfast of champions. why did i find it amusing calling lou about 8,000 times last night and just leaving him messages with the mariachi's from la tuna singing, besame mucho. very great expectations. awwww. i <3 that movie.

last night lori and i had a beer (which was on kristopher, wow) then walked over to blue star so i could show her tina's place. we are thinking of moving into it since it's awesome but hey lori, if your all about trading spaces and fixing up your own home then kristopher's house is the way to go. we'd have our own floors.

ahem...ahem... quality time with the neighbor yesterday was so good. he called me to hang out. wow. *squeal*

veronica guess  i <3 you. i am glad you came over last night. happiness is the key.

kristopher michael bolstad came over last night very late. very unexpected. he put on the infamous afro wig and a pair of my panties and ran around the parking lot outside. classic. i got bombarded by farts from him, my house is a mess, and he sang to me oklahoma. maybe i didn't miss him. (joking). he just left a little while ago. why his socks stayed here? i have no idea but kristopher is gone.

is it just me or does anybody else out there not give a fuck that gwenyth paltrow had her baby? i am sick of seeing her, her hubby, and baby apple in every magazine. that shouldn't be headline news. now if ru-paul had a baby that would RULE!!!!! shit, i'd even by the magazine.

Monday, May 24, 2004

(no subject)

geezus i love my friends.
erich and toby totally surprised me. i was at la tuna when my phone rang with private number and i knew right away who it was. they were on my balcony. waiting. how cute is that.
walked home. drank beers. wore afro wigs. got freaky nasty. dance to the infamous c.d.'s. i <3 the boys.
ended up going to tuna, cargo's, the beach, club sirius.
fuuuuuuunnnnnnn tiiiiimmmmmesssssss.
kristopher was in attendance but we kept our distance. it killed me. all i wanted to do was hug my baby. we hardly spoke. (it is so hard). his boss, the ever so famous frank walden called me. dunno what he wanted but i mentioned it to kristopher and he told me to NOT CALL HIM BACK. weirdness, why would his boss call me?
had a splendid time with c.j. and gordon. fuck, i adore c.j. too bad he's in a relationship. boo. we decided to share a room in mexico. (this weekend we are mexico bound).
where the fuck is my neighbor? i so want to go over and yeah, cuddle and stuff and more. oh so much more.
phone's a ringing. it's the lou. dammit.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Camera Blues.

Mar. 22nd, 2004 | 01:37 pm
my weekend

thursday: spent the night @ kris's

friday: abigail's 30th birthday par-tay, beer glorious beer, met up with vanessa and angela @ bar america after. drink while you think was played. ran into my enemy mr tattoo artist justin martinez, hahaha i kid. long time no see. kristopher and i had our first sleepover in the new home. hardwood floors love us.

saturday: early brunch with the boy. we didn't go to mexico. a small roadtrip was well needed so vanessa and i drove to austin for SXSW. free shows, great parking, free beer, the cutest musicians from all over the country in ONE city. oh hell yes!


sunday: susan came by to visit me and the new home. she saved the day by helping with unpack some more boxes and help me hang pictures around my place. <3. walked to la tuna. saw the boys. hung with turtle for a while. made him play some madness.

overall - great weekend.
damn i should have more of these.

lou - you so rock my socks.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

love thy neighbor

last night had its ups and downs.
up = got to meet some awesome people
down = someone stole veronica's camera and that sucks because it means so much to her.
up = the love lounge living up to it's name
down = the fucking mess i have to clean up.
up = everyone complimenting my home like woah.
down = i need to buy toilet paper. i ran out.
party in sells. booze. cigarette butts. hip hop. pretty boys. pretty girls.
*we have no pictures to post due to the motherfuckers that stole veronica's camera. rat bastards.*
didn't wake up in my bed this morning. bad. woke up in my next door neighbor's bed with my next door neighbor snoring lightly next to me. wtf? embarassville.
dude i need food and sleep. i feel drained.

Monday, May 10, 2004


May. 10th, 2004 | 03:29 pm

turned into a crab and just stayed in my room all sunday. hilarious.

i got a HUGE SURPRISE this morning. the lou koller was knocking on my hotel door. so lou surprised me. we spent our time like we normally do. hugging, fighting, wrestling,and so on ...... i am now ready to go back to texas. goodbye new york.