Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hair did.

got my hair did this morning at capri hair salon by the lovely sara. i heart her so. such a beautiful day outside. was stuck in 1604 traffic singing spoon's, i summon you. i have to be at work in an hour. sucks. my hair is short again. in the back it's tapered to my neck and the sides are long. kinda cute if ya ask me. i need to take a picture soon. love, rose

Monday, February 26, 2007


mood: exhaustedexhausted

so much to do. so little time.
this week is going to be a whirlwind.
wish me luck .....

things to do today:
  • get transcripts/take transcripts to school
  • get a 25 dollar money order for my student permit
  • take 2 2x2 pictures of me to school
  • buy 5 pairs of white scrubs.
  • buy black tennis shoes
  •  buy a planner/organizer
  • go to work early to take picture for badge
  • put gas in car
  • buy new phone (joey f'ing spilled beer on my brand new one and it is dead!)
  • haircut (leaving this for tomorrow, i think.)
  • laundry, this should be number 1 on my list.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


mood: excitedexcited

have about one million things to do today:

cut hair, buy uniform for school, buy black tennis shoes, the list goes on....

i start new jobby job tomorrow then i start school on wed.
70 hour work/school week here i come.

i am going to get braces sometime in march. oh so nerdy but then i will finally have STRAIGHT pretty teeth.
i never thought in all my years i would be so excited to be getting braces. i am !!!!

ryan! *swoon* .  seriously, i won't lie. it feels awesome knowing someone likes me (in that way.) i like him too.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


okay today has got to be the most beautiful day of 2007 thus far. i mean it's just perfect outside. there are clear blue skies. slight wind. heat when you stand in the sun. i went outside to vacuum my car  and wore actual shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops. i love you feb.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

le' crap.

i still feel all sick-like and weird. ears, nose, and throat are all out of commission. ick. i can't even taste things. last night i nyquil'ed it and was asleep and in bed by 9:00 p.m. wow i'm rowdy. this morning i went to target where i didn't last long. my whole body felt like a ton of bricks. dragged ass thru the aisles. the "good" cereals were 2 for 5 dollars and fiji water was 2 for 10 dollars. i got deals baby! why are sun chips always so damn expensive? i still got a bag anyway.

tomorrow is my orientation for school. i still have to buy all black shoes and white scrubs by the 28th. (that's the uniform.) having verizon is fun. instead of calling me and hearing ringing now you will hear beck's, girl ......

speaking of beck. i made my own four pack of beer @ target today. 1 beck. 1 st.pauli. and 2 stellas.  *sighs, oh how i love you target!*

Monday, February 19, 2007

the now

it hurts to swallow and my ear keeps on popping. ah, the joys of being sick in beautiful-like weather. the weather the past couple of days has been perfect. spent all yesterday @ mc allister park with the fam fam. my sister and sis-in-law were determined to teach me how to ride a bike. i got on it but chickened out before my feet even touched the pedals. b-b-q deliciousness was had.  before i got to the park i stopped at target to pay a bill and ran into erich in the parking lot. we shopped together and talked for awhile and then he tried to get me to go to a bar for some shots. (it is was about noon, WHAT, no thanks!)

let's see what else did i do this weekend? saw joey friday night, we traveled into south town for cheap beer. i really really really miss living in blue star. vincent told me alex rubio took my old place. reminded vincent to tell alex to get ready for paranormal activity. my space in blue star was crazy haunted.

saturday was fun i spent most of the day with brad (of all people.) saw carol, mark, dave, and vanessa thru out the day/evening. was trying to make it out to holden's 101 for art slam but never made it. oh well.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


this is my first valentine without a valentine in a long time. i thought it would feel different, it doesn't. i still feel loved maybe not by a man/companion, but i do feel loved in all other types of ways. i'm in a good mood and i'm wearing all black too. i despise people that actually dig into their closet to find their red and pink shirts just to wear today. i also think people that own actual christmas sweaters (ex: reindeer on sweater, santa on sweater, x-mas tree on sweater) are really silly. i start school on the 28th of february. i have orientation on the 21st. i lost my phone today. i lost all my numbers in it. typical rose day. i guess this is all.
lovey, rosie

Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 i hate you.

mood: indescribable
music: Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wrigh - 04

life is so shitty sometimes.

i think it just thundered.

vincent made the most effort. never saw that coming.

blah blah blah.

Monday, February 5, 2007

the w.

woke up tired and unmotivated. i am off today. this morning i went over to the leasing office here @ the complex i live in and told them i REALLY wanted to sublet my place for 6 months - 1 year. (it says in the lease i can do that.) they said my loft would go very fast and since i paid feb. (this month) i can move all my stuff out whenever and then me and the leasing agents can start looking for people to take over my lease.

i think i'm going to start looking for boxes this afternoon. i know i am 29 but i think i am going to stay with my parents for about a month or two to save up and then start looking for a nice place, back in southtown, that i can afford.

the main and only reason i moved into this apartment was because thom and i moved into it together and we could afford it together. well, thom is no longer part of the apartment or my life so ---- yeah ---- time to move on...

goodbye medical center.

in love. completely.

<img src="http://www.slmetalworks.com/bed_a.jpg" alt="" />

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Feb. 4th, 2007 | 09:33 am
mood: awake
l.a. trip back on. i am leaving @ 9:00 a.m. on saturday morning. i'll be at the hospital all day friday with my sister so everything works out. doctors are really thinking it just might be a cyst. *crosses fingers*.is that even the way you spell cyst, it looks weird?

i'm kind of kicking myself in the ass for not taking a camera with me friday night to the show. all 3 men in that band calabrese were deliciously hot. so handsome.

up close and personal. so handsome.

the 7 shot screamers show was as usual. fun. entertaining. drunk debauchery. i love those guys. vanessa and i helped out with merch. i was telling them they should take me on tour as their merch girl. .. i wanted to see them in austin last night but i couldn't afford it. gas + drinking money + possible admission = no.can.do.

ground hogs.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


what's cooler than being cool, ice cold ....

caught re-run of top design at my neighbors house this morning. todd oldham, what the hell happened to you?
you used to be this gay, short, attractive man. they did a close-up of him on the show, talk about fug.

jonathan adler. whatevs.

oh and p.s. i secretly wanted marcel to win top chef, i'm an asshole like that.

Friday, February 2, 2007

spurs and beer

last night neighbor joey and i headed out to whiskey's for some beer and to watch the spurs loooooose. i had two michelob ultras. i'm dieting so yeah. ultra's. don't really care for them but i am sticking to this diet. people asked what dieting i'm doing. i'm just doing that special k one.
i have a bowl of cereal with fat free skim milk for breakfast, than one of their protein bars for a snack later on, for lunch i have another bowl of cereal, then another snack, then dinner i eat whatever i want but a healthy whatever i want. i'm drinking only water and diet pepsi (sugar free caffeine free.) i'll let you know if i lose anything.

tonight the 7 shot screamers are in town. yaaaaay. i heart those boys.