Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rain, Rain, Please Stay.

What a beautiful rainy thunderstorm madness morning deep in the heart of Texas. I love the sound of rain, the smell of rain, the feel of rain. The absence of rain makes me long for it so much and now it's here, like a long lost lover. I breathe it in and take it in. Sigh. I wish I lived in a city where rain is somewhat common. South Texas is not a fan of you Rain. Now if you were a Sports Team, South Texas would be all over you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tell All Thursday

Dear Life, 
Sometimes your too tough on me when I've only been good to you.
I wish you would just lay off me for a day or two so I can exhale and enjoy you. I hope this doesn't sound like begging but I promise if you give me one complete day of pure happiness with those I love, I will give you the rest of my life wholeheartedly. Think about it.
Love, Rose

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make Me Up.

I decided to get a little personal here and share with you my favorite Make-Up Must Have's. All items listed are actual items that I do have in my make-up bag and use almost on a daily basis. Enjoy.

1. Too Faced Glamour To Go "Fairy Edition".
For the record, I did not know I was getting anything Fairy Related. I strictly picked this one due to the color palette and how amazing I thought the colors were. All colors have a shimmer feel to it and look so pretty for the less is more approach but also the dark shadows provide that deep smokey eye for the night time. Win/Win Situation

 2. Clinique "Fresh Bloom" Eyeshadow
Yet another shimmer. I'm assuming my secret is out that I love Make-Up that shimmers. This little Clinique Eye Shadow is what I use for an all around glow to my face. I also use it to highlight my nose and cheekbones. Thanks Eye Shadow for doing the job of other things and never being used as an actual eye shadow. 

3. Benefit "Cupid's Bow"
This is an amazing little product here. Cupid's Bow is the best lip liner that I have ever tried. It serves as both Bow Maker and Pout Shaper and I can't say how much I love this product.
4. Benefit "Stay Don't Stray"
I used this under all my Make-Up just to keep it in place all day. Another product I am deeply in love with. 

5. Laure Mercier Eyeliner in Violette and Eye Shadow in Crushed Amethyst
I am half hispanic so my skin is a little dark so these colors just bring out my skin tone.

6. Too Faced "Last Injection" Mascara
I have long eyelashes as it is and this just takes them to the limit. Must have. 

7. Chanel " Lumieres Magiques De Chanel" 
Less is More and I mainly use this when I'm out in the streets paying bills or having lunch and I don't want to deal with putting on Make-Up. I just use this as an all over shimmer and I still feel sexy.

8. Stila "Paint Your Pout Red"
Who doesn't love Red Lips?

9. Nivea " A Kiss of Smoothness" 
This you can find at the drugstore for about $6.00. It is a hydrating lip care with SPF and I love it.

10. Lastly, I keep an Aveda "Refreshing" Travel Size Facial Bar in my purse.
It definitely comes in handy. If I  made a list on how handy it really is, the list would go on forever.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All is Well

My little life has been so busy as of late that I haven't had a single moment to myself to do a proper update. I promised myself tomorrow to include some "me" time to give a proper update and to also update the Deer Love Etsy Shop. See you tomorrow.