Thursday, July 5, 2007


yesterday i picked up giovanni and we ventured out to la cantera and then to the palladium to see knocked  up . woah nelly! walking up to the palladium felt strangely familiar. i felt like i had done it before. i knew that i had never been there and then it finally dawned on me. ceasar's palace. i felt like if i was in vegas for a split second. knocked up was crazy hilarious. my expectations were met.

last night i met up with robbie and dave at blanco tavern for drinks. that place is no good. i'm old. last night i noticed i enjoy patio/outdoor seating in bars than the indoor crowded masses.

i only went to school half a day today. total laziness and piggyback perms were enough to make me clock out early and come straight home. i also have/had a really bad migraine this morning also. i feel better now.

this is all
lovey, rose