Sunday, December 31, 2006

the last day of this bloody year ..

mood: accomplishedaccomplished

2006 was a real pisser. tom & i broke up. both my parents were diagnosed with cancer. my cat stormy went to kitty heaven. my fondest memory of 06' is spending time with russ. we had not seen eachother in over 5 years so because of this i named it fondest memory thus far.

last night was just one of those nights. met up with michelle & hubby at mix cause they were in town from houston. got to see mark and james. dave locked his keys in his suv and pop-a-lock was called. the man that worked for pop-a-lock was a retard. after popping the lock he started dancing to the beat of dave's alarm and looked me in the eye and said, as you can see i don't get out much. ewwww.

para todos: feliz ano nuevo ...

new years resolution -- quit smoking.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

down to me, the change has come, she's under my thumb ...

the past two nights i hung out with dave. we are miserable beings who crack the other up. braveheart has invaded bravo AGAIN! i even got all william wallace on russ and told him, thou shalt not talk to me in thy tone. i don't have shit to post. i guess this is all.

love. rosie.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

boo on you spurs

<div align="center">crushes should not be allowed when your almost 30. i am almost 30 and have a crush on someone. <br />this has changed my attitude and now i laugh more and get giddy and do crush-like things. <br /> even if this crush never turns into anything more. i am happy for meeting the person that caused it.<br />the end. rose</div>

holy crap

<div align="center">&nbsp;i think all of you remember not too long ago that my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. after weeks of radiation she is fine now. cancer be gone. one thing that had her really depressed during the whole ordeal was that she missed her sisters. she would cry to me and my sister on how much she missed them and was scared she would never see them again. <br />well! well! well! ......&nbsp; my father just called me right now to let me know that mums 3 sisters are all surprising her tomorrow evening. all 3 of my zia's (aunts)&nbsp; live in italy so my mum will NEVER see this coming. i am so happy and excited. one of the sisters can't make it but c'mon 3 is enough. my mom is going to be shocked.<br />i love how their names all end with an a.... <br />my mum - pia <br />zia - adelina <br />zia - bruna <br />zia - anna maria<br />zia - rita <br /><br />sooooooooooooooooooo excited !!!!<br /><br />let the italian invasion begin !!!</div>


<div align="center">i'm such the little work slacker. took the whole afternoon off from work and did absolutely nothing. felt good. thanks to work friend isaac for helping me skip work. haha. <br />dave spent the afternoon hanging out here and watching shop girl and eating pizza and watching my fuzzy cable channels. took a peek at brit. spears vag (ewww gross!)<br />m.s. has wanted to see me the last two nights. last night i blamed it on the spurs game. tonight&nbsp; i blamed it on being tired. i don't know why i can't just come out and tell someone i don't like you, leave me alone! crush of all crushes vincent sent me a couple of messages today. so heart him. we have a rollerskating date lined up in a few weeks.<br />this weekend i have to work for clinique in mc allen doing make-up for some special event. going to try to get out of it tomorrow so i can spend the weekend with my aunts and mum.<br />i also have to go back and find that entry i wrote about card reader gloria telling me i was going to meet the love of my life.. ha. what.</div>

100 years 100 cheers

life blah. things i have done in no particular order (which all probably involve alcohol.) ...

christmas night met up with the usual suspects at joey's bar for gift exchange and stella. alan was in town which is always a pleasure. he chauffered dave and i around in his rent-a-car pimp-mobile. fun times.

tuesday dave came over with little miss sunshine which means i finally got to watch it and fell in love with it. tuesday vincent ditched me, as a matter of fact i still have not heard from him. i called/texted a couple of times and no return phone call/text as of yet ... confused. did i do something? ended up spending tuesday night with vanessa and dave at the little dive bar across the street. after hours m.s. came over. he is sweet.

wednesday night was patrick zeller's party which i bailed out of. ended up at bar america with clarice. had a rosario's boyfriend sighting. always a pleasure...

russ just called me. got to go....

edit --- russ is awesone. he always makes me laugh. that is all. <3, rose

Sunday, December 24, 2006

doctor doctor give me the news ...

the holidays. i hate them. i feel like i'm the only one. spent the night at my parents last night, still here. the damn crazy ass weather trapped me here from going home. this would have been tom and i's 3rd christmas together. still getting over it. it's hard. i still can't seem to let go. oh rose!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

the stress of christmas

i'm not a holiday person. i like normal regular days that were meant to not be celebrated. i just want this holiday season to be over already. is that too much to ask for?

last night was fun and cozy and cold. sara and i lounged around the house underneath my electric blanket watching identity on bravo. i seriously sucked at that. dave and his macbook graced us with their presence. sara and i ended up going out to joey's (bar) for much needed stella artois and hang out time.

spoke to vincent this morning. he gets into town late tomorrow night. he will be here for a full week. tuesday night we are going gaming. ha! who ever thought i'd be going gaming with vincent valdez and alex rubio? completely hilarious.

in other news: today is my friend joey's birthday. he is 34. happy birthday joey!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

grey skies

last night dad came over to drop off this enormous yet beautiful fake plant for my home. i guess it's mum's way of making me feel not so alone. anyway i left the plant on my porch because i couldn't figure out where to put it in the house. it rained last night. geezlaweez, leave it to me to even kill a fake plant. :(

i decided not to take/start the job at the cancer care center. i don't think my emotional state could deal with death and illness for forty hours a week. i'm very optimistic that i can find a new job before the new year. i still have my job with clinique so it will be a real struggle but won't be all that bad.

i am strongly thinking of subletting my loft. i honeslty just can afford it and live comfortably. i would barely be getting by.

my parents have started their intervention and asked if i wanted to stay with them. ummmm. i haven't lived with them in about 6 years during those 6 years i stayed with them maybe 2 months. it sounds good in a way. i could save money, go back to school, get over the whole break-up thing but i don't know. i'm going to be 30, living with the parents is just so uncool.

i really would love to just move into a smaller apartment and start new. thing is i have to live in this apartment for 6 months before i transfer to another apartment. fuck!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


life has been sucking. still trying to deal with post-break-up feelings. i feel really happy one minute then the next i'm in the sulking mode. i guess it's common but i do not like the sulking part. also i was really excited to start my new job at the cancer center but yesterdays training was all about having cancer and how sick the patients are and it's not a happy atmosphere. i seriously do not know if this was the best choice for me now. being sad all day at work then coming home to an empty home is a little to much to deal with. i can't even stay unemployed for a bit cause when tom was here the bills were cut in half and he left me with every single bill including the apartment. i can't even move into a smaller apartment because it's a 200 dollar transferring fee to move plus rent. geezus. today was my last day at university (the happy upbeat hospital.) what did i do?

last night i was able to laugh and smile for a bit. picked up veronica guess and her boyfriend and we went to scuba's for b-b-q and football game. took vee and danny back to their place cause they were going to bennanigans and i went to scuba's where we then headed to the mix and joey's. i started getting a little sad again so cros took me back to scuba's to get my car and i was home and in bed before 2:00 a.m.

my aunts left back to italy today. i feel guilty because they were here for three weeks and i only spent two days with them. i didn't even spend two complete days with them. 30 minutes here. 1 hour there. sad.

i'm such a sulker. i should stop dwelling. it's hard.

Monday, December 18, 2006

living alone blows.

hate this. tom moved out a little over a week ago and i still can not seem to get into the groove of single life and living alone. yesterday was a real shite day. i actually missed tom a little and wished he still lived here so i at least someone to talk to or take a walk with or just laugh with. we were together for over two years and now i realise how attached i really was to him. who knew?

(*note - just because i am going thru tom withdrawal does not mean there will be any reunion of us on any sort!)

today has been a pain in the ass (sorta.) i finally took on the task of cleaning the guest bathroom downstairs and boy does it shine now. so fresh and so clean. i still have to do laudry and i still have to wash dishes. i still have to buy groceries too. i have NOTHING in my fridge. the only think i have that is actually edible is a jar of nutella and swiss miss hot chocolate (lonely girl food.)

sweet. my phone just went off and it's cros saying their b-b-q'ing at scuba's tonight. hopefully i can get all my chores done and go. ha!, i said chores. funny.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


weekend you were rough to me. yawn. stretch. i think i went out the past 5 nights in a row. bad. very very bad. today i am grumpy and pissy and even the awesome omelet i made didn't even cheer me up. it's a sunday. i love sundays! i'm just too damn exhausted to appreciate it. thursday night i went to alex rubio's unveiling at blue star. fun. he is the sweetest guy. met up with cros and scuba & them for darts and beers then back to scuba's for pop tarts and milk (that's just how i roll.) friday night carol and i met up with joey and sara at limelight for paint by numbers last show. good times. carol stayed the night. we slept in my little bed together. awwwww. last night sara came over after work and we had a subway dinner then went to meet up with cros and peeps at 00's and logans, got to catch miguel's band at logan's which was fun dancing times (that bar smells like shit though.) today i promised sister i would spend the day with her but i am just too damn exhausted to even move from this couch, plus i have about 4 laundry baskets consisting of dirty clothes i need to wash and to top it all off i have a very dirty house and a million dirty dishes. ugh. this is supposed to be my relaxing day.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

one is the lonelist number.

went out. didn't really want to. hung with joey and had a rosario's boyfriend sighting. ick. tom finally moved out. took all his things. no sign of him in house anymore. after two years it is over. we broke up awhile back but still lived together because credit cards/bills were under our names together. now everything is finalized and it is done. wow. even though we haven't been a couple for the past 2 months it is weird to come home to nothing. just the simple pleasure of knowing another being was here was enough, now nothing. not even a sound. this is a little harder than expected. at 29 i have my whole life ahead of me but i hate to say at 29 another relationship is sent down the drain. now it's back to the drawing board. single life beckons me but i shy away. i kinda knew he would leave soon but what i did not know was how miserable it would feel walking into an empty home. it hurts.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


sweet. my netflix came in. an inconvienent truth, alias (last disc), and thank you for smoking. i might just have to stay in tonight and watch movies, maybe order a pizza. mmmmm.

tomorrow night is alex rubio's unveiling for bomb magazine @ 6:00 p.m. at blue star. press conference + opening reception = free food and free wine. yes! it is free so people in san antonio should def. check it out.

friday night sara, joey, and i are heading out to limelight for x-mas party of the year and rap music goodness. nice.

my hands are cold and my tummy is hungry so this is all. <3, rose

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

space between

Dec. 12th, 2006 | 04:04 pm
things i have done from last week until today.

attended turtle's 30th birthday party at beethoven's thursday night. drank yummy stella, glorius stella! me, scuba steve, and cros ended up going to the mix to finish the night off.

friday i worked then stayed in. no going out for me.

saturday i finally made it to my parents house to spend quality time with my aunts. i heart the italians. ha. sat. night i met up with carol and the girls for dancing and drinking. carol, daja, and i ended up going to a festivus for the rest of us party that cros invited us to. stayed out til four. carol and scuba are hilarious with their, place thy dainty hoof on thy shoulder. so good.

sunday me, vane, and carol went to that little bar across the street from the house for girl talk and some lone star..

yesterday worked. hung out with carol and cros. he stayed over. talked to v. all night yaaaaay. v. invited me to alex's opening at blue star on thurs. night. v. put me +3 on the guest list if anyone wants to go. dave?

i feel like if i am coming down with a cold or something. i have chills, itchy throat, stuffy head. boo.

back to work. love, rosie

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


dragged ass all day. stay up till 2:00 a.m. last night watching alias. woke up at 6:30 this morn to be at work at 8:00. 4.5 hours of sleep is just not enough. newest member of alias = baltazar getty. what? this last/final season is actually good. awww and vaughn is dead ....

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


<p>cannot believe the year is almost over. this has to be the quickiest year that has ever gone by.&nbsp; i just finished dropping off my rent check. two days late i might add. not good. i had to&nbsp;pay 40 dollars in late fees. got introduced to a new little dive bar last night. this bar is right across the street from my apartment complex . good jukebox. semi-alright drink specials. hmmmm. now i know where to go when i feel to lazy to drive anywhere.&nbsp;i still miss russ a little. we had not seen eachother for five years so i hope it isn't another five years before we see eachother again. what's up with me and the city of los angeles. two weekends ago v. was in town from l.a. (hung with him.) this past weekend russ was in town from l.a. (hung with him.) both are completely awesome/dateable people but they live in l.a. i'm single i should be having a ball but the only two people i feel remotely attracted to or crush on live more than 1,000 miles away. oh well. who even knows if they even like me in that way to begin with. bah. vincent valdez did message me today asking what i was doing for new year's but c'mon thats the most random question ever. i work wed- friday this week from 8-5 downtown. i do not have to work clinique until december 16th. at least i have a weekend to spend with my family cause i sort of miss them and still haven't seen my aunts who are here from italy. got netflix in so i'm watching alias season 5 tonight. please don't suck. guess this is all. rose<br /><br /></p>

Sunday, December 3, 2006


boo. i'm sad. russ is already gone. took him to the airport about an hour ago which means right now he is on a plane headed back to l.a.
had one of the funniest nights EVER. picked up russ from airport @ 11:30 and we were off to meet up with van and brad at bar america.
russ had his first lone star. haha. we stayed about an hour then headed off to the mix to meet up with sara and joey. at mix we are all drinking
and having a good time then joey mentions "the haunted tracks." since sara and russ had never been there that became the plan for the night.
completely down for whatever russ and i both agree to go. we met up at joey's house and while we are all deciding what car to go in joey mentions his 57' chevy.
bad idea. that car took FOREVER to start and once it was started i noticed it didnt have any passenger windows. ummmm temperature around 40 degrees. sure, best idea.
sara runs in to find blankets for us but no blankets were found. she came out with two bed sheets and our dumb asses were like okay, let's go.
we get to the haunted tracks around 3:00 a.m. and it was pitch black, creepy, no signs of anyone anywhere. we go over the haunted tracks. (scary!) then someone said, let's do it again and the second time we do it JOEYS CAR DIES. so us four are STRANDED at the HAUNTED TRACKS! finally a car stops and helps us out. strangers take joey and sara to pick up gas and russ and stayed behind in the middle of nowhere, alone, no lights, no cars, in a wooded secluded area. i felt like i was in lost and the others were going to appear and take us away.
dude it so felt like the beginning of a horror movie. i am being so serious. finally sara and joey come back with gas and car starts.
on the way home russ and i did some serious cuddling cause it was soooo coooold. then out of the blue and totally unexpected he kissed me. awwwww.
got back to joey's around 5:00 a.m. russ and i ended up getting a hotel room in downtown cause i was too tired to drive all the way home. serious sleep was had.

today was fun. woke up around 10:00. checked out @ 11:00 then walked to the alamo to do the usual tourist stuff. walked all over downtown. had a nice lunch. stopped at my place for a bit so russ could nap then went to durty nelly's for some irish coffee, beer, whiskey, singalong fun. soon after it was time for him to leave already. didn't even give him proper goodbye cause after consuming all those beverages and not having used a bathroom, i had to pee sooooo bad that our goodbye was basically 5 seconds.

no kiss. boo.

he kissed me twice last night. once in the car and once after we fell asleep he woke me up to kiss me. so sweet. today we didn't even mention the kiss(s.) me being to shy to mention them.
man i miss him already.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

it is 41 degrees outside. what !!!!

mmmm.. i am eating pei wei leftovers right now. delicious. spurs lost twice in a row. boo. i am trying to get out of going to mc allen for clinique but it doesn't look like it is going to happen so i should start packing my bags tonight. sucky. last&nbsp; night was fun and seriously old school went out with cros, scuba, and brian to go throw darts and drink beer. made a 1:45 a.m. stop into bar america to have a drink with erich before ending the night.

p.s. i am so excited i get to wear a sweater today

love, rose

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


<div align="center">is it just me or is top chef ALWAYS on?&nbsp; i want to go somewhere and watch the spurs game tonight. first i need to find some where to go and second i need to find somebody to go there with. i&nbsp; am craving pei wei bad. mmmm spring rolls and miso bowl. the weather is shifting. i can hear actual wind blowing outside. why is it still tank top weather here? v. told me last night that it might snow in dallas tomorrow. hmmmm. i am so sick and tired of britney spears vagina already. i mean even the old bats at the hospital were gossiping about it over sweet bread and coffee. geezus!!!! <br /><br />p.s.&nbsp; i am really craving pei wei. <br /><br />thisis all. finito. rose</div>

Sunday, November 26, 2006

don't do it

do not ever watch dot the i with gael garcia bernal. it sucks balls. the end. rose

signs ..

<div align="center">texting with le' artist vincent valdez right now and he just told me that he checked our zodiac signs online to see if&nbsp; we were compatible. ha. cute.<br /></div>

Thursday, November 23, 2006

gobble gobble

hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. i got sucked into grey's anatomy tonight. f'ing christina, she pisses me off..... i'm a little giddy. i had (count em') 3 missed calls from le' artist vincent. i finally called him back and he asked me out to dinner and drinks tomorrow night. eep.... i do not know if this is a date but c'mon dinner-drinks... i haven't&nbsp; gone out on a date or with a guy like this in over 2 years....&nbsp; what to wear? what outfit makes me look slender? how do i wear my hair? --- geezlaweez, i'm a dork....

gimme a break, like i said, i haven't gone on a date that has involved an actual dinner in YEARS ..

in other bleh news i have to work for clinique tomorrow, sat, and sun. booooooooo !!!!!!!
at least next weekend i'll be doing make-up out of town fri-sun. so i'll have a mini-vacation.
i love love love staying in hotels. my last hotel stay was in tucson and boy did that suck. off topic.

okay back to boy topic. he is only in town for 4 days then goes back to l.a. for work. so that's another booooo!

i haven't been this excited to hang with someone in a long time.... it feels good.

night lovelies.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


from time to time i like to go back and read old journal entries. i read this journal entry i had posted in 2004 about me thinking lou was mad at me and in that entry i actually wrote <i>i don't know what i would do if we never spoke again ...</i>&nbsp; well i guess i'd do just fine because it's been two whole years that we have not spoken .... wow.. where does the time go? <br /><br />it is an extremely unpleasant feeling knowing somebody for eight years and having a physical/emotional relationship with them and now this person has turned into a stranger that you don't even know anymore. it gives me little pangs to my heart. <br /><br />my space has been awfully funny with me lately. i got a message from this random guy named vincent about a month ago i never bothered to check his profile page but he sent me a message asking if he could add me as a friend, i let that message sit in my inbox for weeks before responding. finally i was like yeah, sure... then he sent another message saying he lived in san antonio previously and had never seen me around. i sent him a message back saying, yeah i never saw you around either. well we have been messaging eachother every other day and today i finally went to his profile page and viewed his pics. ha! i went to middle school and high school with this person. small world. even after high school and spending most of 20's living in southtown and blue star i never ran into him and what i read in his profileand (ahem! googled!) he is a really big artist now. he lives in l.a. now but will be in town for 4 days during thanksgiving so we plan on hanging out and talking about how we never talked in middle school and in high school.... truly funny stuff. now that i think of it he was on the s.a. current front page now too long ago either... hahaha. god i'm dumb.... <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Thursday, November 16, 2006

No Subject

the days can be endless. i just picked up baby pia from school with my mum. i don't know why i still call her "baby" pia she just turned 7 for pete's sake. old habits die hard. today i worked one job and it felt so good. yesterday i worked the hospital then worked @ clinique at saks 5th ave. what <s>fun</s> complete bore!
i actually fell asleep before nine last night. god i'm lame. promised sara i wouldn't be a hermit and would show my face at p.j.'s tonight. i have no fashion sense anymore. scrubs by day, labcoats by night. :(

Thursday, November 9, 2006

hello ??? anyone out there ????

have not had the time to update. i'm still work/struggling in the hospital full time monday thru friday. i also just got hired with clinique as a freelance make-up artist for special events and what nots. extra money sounds so good. i ain't gonna lie. i'm broke. i just moved into my new place. i went from a two bedroom home with backyard and front yard to a 930 sq. feet split level loft. i don't have all the room i used to have but i can't help but smile each time i walk into my new little place. it is so cozy and so tucked away from the outside world that sometimes i wake up and never want to leave. i still have boxes and boxed of things i have not unpacked. all will come together soon i hope. tom and i are still broken up but he has moved into my new place for one month so he can find a new place. we have lived together for two years and i felt like ass each time i thought about leaving him with no place to live. one month is all i gave him so hopefully this kindess of mine pays off. in my new place i have free basic cable and have caught a couple of the new top chef episodes. tom is a chef and everytime i see marcel i cringe cause that is EXACTLY the type of person i live with except without marcel's crazy hair. the attitude, the cockiness. the i'm better than everyone else. the fucking molecular gastronomy. THAT IS TOM !!!!!

--- lunch time. i'm at work. so adios. hope everyone is good. xoxo.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


dear live journal,

if only you knew the questions i was asking my friends this weekend about a certain situation that happened friday night. you would be shocked. russ and dave can be counted on to say the truth and go into detail about specifics. i love you guys.

my weekend both sucked and rocked. friday night it sucked because of gabe. he totally sucked. saturday rocked because sara invited me to rutamaya for that fashion show she was in and i ended up having a blast with her there and at travis 151. good times.

yesterday i watched too much lost season 2. too much.

today i spoke to russ for forever. i also got a call from clinique for a part-time evening position. i wanted to go back to lancome but they haven't called me back. bugger.

tonight i want to go get drinky drinks. i get my key to my new home tomorrow.

gloria read my cards today.

everything finally feels familiar and falls right back into place.

xoxo, rose

Thursday, October 26, 2006

but seperate's always better when there's feelings involved.

complete dork. i woke up with outkast's hey ya stuck in my head. it refuses to go away so i am stuck here at work singing the silly song. i feel crazy hungover today even though i know i am not. three lone stars do not get me hungover. i'm getting old. last nite i met up with <lj user=nessersrocks> at bar america for some girl time. fun. was home and in bed a little before two a.m. so that was nice. tuesday i get the keys to my new loft. so excited. i love moving into new places and decorating and unpacking. i hate saying goodbye to old places though. russ called me last night wanting my opinion on his halloween costume. sailor or pirate? i picked sailor for him (not white though navy..) i adore russ. haven't been up to hanging with gabe these past two days even though he calls and tries. sigh. what to do?

xoxo, rose

Saturday, October 21, 2006


i have babysitting duty tonite. dude, i must really love my sis and bro's kids cause i'm doing it for free. boo. my nephews bought me pizza, they rock. i brought my mastiff gulliver over so he can play with his mama and papa and brother. his parents refuse to acknowledge him. his brother loves him. even in the dog world there's "tough love".

yesterday was a good day. russ & i had our usual friday afternoon traffic talk session. ended up going out and meeting up with lily, debbie, and carol at this bar called, the other woman. karaoke lone star beer, i'm always a happy camper. left those girls to meet up with sara @ the mix. ran into brad and van. gossiped. talked. drank.

carol and lily ended up kidnapping me from my house around 3:30 a.m. fell asleep @ 6:00 a.m.
i am beginning to wonder if i am really 29 cause i've been acting like a damn 15 year old lately. staying up all kinds of late and sleeping in a little too much. it actually makes me feel younger doing things like that. heh!

someone left at 6:00 a.m. - someone.someone.someone.

Friday, October 20, 2006

4:00 a.m. bedtime (again)

last night clarice and i walked around the block/rode bikes @ 11:00 p.m. this is what we do when we can't find anything else to do. the weather is perfect. sweaters. the feeling of actually being a bit chilly. hugging someone in the cold. pure bliss! once we were in the house we just lied on the bed with gabe in the middle of us. he is funny. i just call and am like i'm bored and he'll be like i'm coming over. haha. clarice and i like to give him a really hard time about everything but he just lets us. poor guy. clarice called her current crush sally and they stayed on the phone all night. sally = boy. tonite clarice wants to do something but sara also wants me to go with her to see marie antionette. what to do?


Thursday, October 19, 2006

the weirdest crap happens to me.

the hail last night destroyed my back window to my car. right now it's still in place but in a million little pieces. didn't even notice it until this morning. last night joey picked me up during the storm so i guess i didn't notice it then. just another random thing to pay that i don't have the money for. quite sad.

what is the opposite of sadness - happiness. i had a little bit of that last night at the mix with sara. we are too silly. had fun. drank. ran into usuals. good times.

tom and i are discussing a "break" of some sort for our relationship. lately i feel so suffocated and stuffy and after my finances went from existant to non-existant. he didn't even step up and offer to help me. he makes twice the money i make in a month and nothing. i have started the detachment process. he can keep the house. i'll take my little 930 sq. foot loft apartment and live alone.

i guess this is all for now. xoxo. rosie

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

(no subject)

i've had a tummy ache all day. i have to pack up my home soon. then i'll have to unpack it in a smaller space. boo. i can't wait for all this house business to be done already. my stress level is on high. so many bills. even to transfer electric to another address costs a buttload. if my acidic ulcerish stomach is up to it, tonight i'm going to drown my money woes in a beer or two or three.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hungover + boy talk

mood: hungover and grumpy

completely hungover off of lone star. crawled into bed @ 4:00 a.m. called into work @ 6:30 a.m.
i was designated driver - duties included: driving carol all the way to her boyfriend's house off of medical center. they look like brigitte and flava flav together. same color too. hadn't spoken to security in forevereverever so carol and i made him pick up carol's boyfriend at work and take him home. carol said, that guy must really like you if he is willing to pick up a stranger and take him home. security brought me home and walked me to the front door. did the awkward handshake thing. he expected a kiss. too bad. megan won't stop calling/texting me. he actually told me he wanted to be my boyfriend. that would be all gravy, if i didn't already have one of those (a boyfriend.) life is unusual. i'm actually satisfied in my current relationship state so it's funny. russ called me yesterday and we are normal again. amigos para siempre. now russ, oh russ! that is someone i would love to be more than friends with but that would never happen. i wouldn't even have the chance if i was single. bollocks!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Subject

it's not even 8 a.m. and i'm wide awake. this weekend i didn't go out. friday night i slept and last night was my father's 66th birthday party. i spent the night at my parent's (where i still am)in their cozy little guest bedroom. i haven't slept that peaceful in months.

i signed the new lease on my loft. goodbye home. goodbye downtown. i am a little sad. who am i kidding? i am very sad.

russ and i aren't as close as we normally are and can't seem to have a conversation without some stupid arguement starting. - upsetting.

i guess i'll drive home now. i miss the pets.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

gloom be gone (maybe just a little...)

at parents house doing laundry and eating free food.
must thank the people that sent me emails or phone calls offering to help.
i sat down will all bills in hand, bank account statements, and every credit card i owned and made things happen. it feels good to have done it by myself without the help.

bills in no particular order

rent = 700.00 (paid)
water = 45.00 (paid a little under half but will be okay for awhile)
electric = 125.00 (paid)
sprint pcs = 163.00 (paid)
gas in car = 10.00 (no one call me to go out!)
groceries = 0. (i enjoy starving)
pets/food = 20.00 (this is what happens when you own a mastiff and a snobby cat)

other news: i decided to move out of the house and move out of downtown/southtown. it's just too expensive. i mean everything is just getting so expensive.

i ended up getting a fabulous little loft around the medical center area. i needed to make 3 times the amount of the rent and first they told me no but today i got the phone call that it is all mine and all i have to do is go sign the lease in the next 3 days and bam! it's mine!

i feel all grown up. this will be my first time in my whole life i will be living in san antonio but outside of downtown/southtown. is there really life out there?


Thursday, September 28, 2006

mood: workingworking

last night t.v. wednesday left me feeling, eh! a.n.t.m was pretty lame and project runway really irks me when they don't give someone the boot. i like drama guys! c'mon ....

russ has me so unbelievably peeved right now. we made plans to spend the weekend hanging out. weekend definition -- friday evening to sunday evening. he called me yesterday to cancel for this weekend but to schedule for the next. dude, whatever. so.over.that.

work has been insanely busy lately. i love doing rehab and working in therapy. i have made up my mind to stay in rehabilitation medicine. i'm just stuck between making the decision of pursuing mental health or audiology. i will be sad to leave physical therapy but i doubt that will be anytime soon.

guess this is all. <3, rosie

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


<p>so craving quizno's ... </p>
<p>monday night = dave and tuesday night = veronica guess.&nbsp; </p>
<p>i have lost 9 pounds. incentive! incentive!</p>
<p>tonight! why even leave the house? a.n.t.m. and project runway. yes sir! i love my wed. t.v. night !&nbsp;then again i&nbsp; also love my wednesday dollar lone&nbsp;star nights&nbsp;too.<br /><br /><br /><br /></p>

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

(no subject)

mood: blissfully happy

live journal is all fancypants now and it took me awhile to figure out how to post. 
i'm kind of excited.ecstatic.happy.cheery.loved.jump up for joy type of fool right now.
if i told you why, you would probably just poke fun and i would be a little sad. 
who cares if this even happens. just the possibility has me in a whirlwind. 


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

what a sad day at the hospital !!!!

i heard about this car accident on the radio  on the way to work this morning. i just didn't know they were talking about somebody who worked at the same place as i .....

 ( we got this in our work e-mail this morning)

I am writing this morning with very sad news.  A good man and an excellent neurosurgeon was killed by a drunk driver last night.  Dr. Roman Hlatky, (pronounced lot-key), assistant professor of neurosurgery at the UT Health Science Center and a key member of University Hospital's trauma team, was traveling home from the hospital at about 1:30 a.m. when the crash occurred at I-10 and DeZavala. We are told he died instantly. 
Dr. Hlatky joined the UT Health Science Center faculty approximately two years ago.  He was passionately devoted to improving care for patients with brain trauma, and deeply committed to his patients and our mission. He will be missed greatly.
I have asked that flags at University Health System be flown at half-mast beginning today through the day of his memorial or funeral service. Please join me in offering your thoughts and prayers to Dr. Hlatky's wife and 12-year-old son.
George Hernández

Monday, September 18, 2006

the dearest

mood: sleepy
music: baby doll - cat power

i must start by complaining that it's a monday and i wish i was home in bed sleeping instead of here with patients, daydreaming, staring out the window and watching the rain fall.

this weekend was indeed a delight. weekend started with my usual friday afternoon hour + phone call with russ stuck in l.a. traffic and me being his distraction to cure his boredom. (at least that's what i assume.) friday night my plans for lime light got dismissed for bar america spent time with joey and [info]nessersrocks.
saturday felt a little anti-social so stayed in house cleaning and obsessing on how to move my bedroom furniture. i seriously think i am beginning to suffer from some sort of o.c.d. which involves moving furniture every 10 minutes. (eek!)
yesterday was a little less anti-social but more about the pets and not about doing my daily sunday drive to my parents. decided to do laundry around 8:30 p.m. last night. half way thru doing my laundry at ghetto laundromat that was insanely packed and had the eerie familiarity of feeling like you were in a booty club, the electricity went out. pitch black in laundromat with babies crying and people cursing and no lights outside either. damn thunderstorm. as i started to see my life flash before my eyes, the lights were once again on. (thank you jesus!)
my weekend ended with russ and i texting eachother about flavor of love episodes  and viking hats.
overall good weekend. now back to doing sonogram's on patients. xoxo, rosie.....

Saturday, September 16, 2006

the sat-ur-day

finally some relief. i do not itch anymore (at all) and most of my little red dots on my body are almost completely gone. this scabies thing was so awful! today has been weird though since the moment i woke up i have had the sensation of "something" crawlinfg under my skin. i can feel it in my arms, my legs, even the palm of my hands. eww. eww. eww. what is this? hopefully it's just paranoia. i just cannot get this sensation to leave me alone. -----

other news: downtown = hella packed. (army bowl)

kristopher and i hung out most of the afternoon. we went to visit arthur and patty's crazy ass mansion in government hill. there place is so surreal. it's like something you see on television. it was strange. i actually felt like if i was in that crazy ladies house in great expectations (gwenyth paltrow and ethan hawke one). that paradise perdito house (how the hell did i remember the name to that house, i don't know). arthur and patty's house is so beautiful but the kitchen wall and back wall is knocked out and there is no a.c. in the place and you can see the whole back yard. i mean your standing in someone's kitchen and there is no wall just the back yard. they have 7 dogs and they just come in and out whenever they please. patty tried to persuade me to walk upstairs but the stairs looked so old and had steps missing that i was just to baffled at the idea of attempting to go upstairs that i declined. it is just so beautiful but so ugly at the same time. i mean you can seriously loose yourself in that house going from room to room and staring at all the art and antiques with just piles and piles of crap lying around all the beauty of it.

i'm so sad that i didn't take my camera. :(

i have no idea why i had to write about it but it's just still in my mind. i'm just in shock and in awe that people live in surroundings like that. i'm not dissing them. it just amazes me that they can sleep at night knowing there is no wall in the back and anyone can just walk in, literally .. whenever...

the mansion is a mansion that they have worked on for 9 years already and no where near finished... AMAZING.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

mood: justified
music: destroyer

having scabies is so not fun. come to find out there was actually a scabies outbreak on one of the floors here in the hospital. they are assuming that cause is a patient that we could have handled. hence me and several other people in the therapy/rehab dept. having this god awful "seven year" itch. so not cool. so not cool. i should get a raise ......

the weather in san antonio the past couple of days has been resembling fall a bit. i can not get my hopes up because if i know texas weather tomorrow it will be back in the 100's. right now it's 71 and sunny. quite enjoyable. too enjoyable to be stuck in a smelly hospital.

project runway last night was a little sad. the sunshine has left the building. i can only dream that right after kanye got eliminated he went in search for robert best, where they now live happily ever after making pageant doll dresses for barbie dolls. awwwwww.

i should seriously get back to work now. baci, rosie

5 years ago today this was my journal entry

I spent the evening hanging out with Russ. Unfortunately Mike had to work tonight but Russ was great company. He bought dinner then we drank some beers. He already went to bed. And I'm in the next room doing absolutely nothing. I wish Mike was here.Who knows when he'll be getting out tonight? Hopefully soon...Last night was fun. We spent it in Hollywood. I didn't get to see The Cramps because it was sold out..... The Mutilators were playing in Hollywood and I wanted to see um' but Mike took us to The Devil's Punchbowl. It was alright... Mike ran into his pal Gator so we saw his set. Afterwards this god awful band came on and we decided to leave. We didn't even stick around to see Cattie's set. Oh well.....Today's been a laid back day. This is all.

Monday, September 11, 2006

it's raining in san antonio, AGAIN !

mood: scab-tastic
music: cat power

this is soooo insane. i have scabies. gross !!! i can not believe there are tiny little parasites living in my skin right now. super gross. i went upstairs and saw the doctor and they already prescribed me the cream  and and even an excuse to take the rest of the day off from work. as much as i want to go home and scratch every part of my body i can't. i need the money. my whole body is on fire right now and itches soooooooo much.

oh! and if your wondering  -- the doctor thinks i actually contracted scabies thru one of the patients here in the physical therapy dept. ewwww.ewwww.ewwwww.

Friday, September 8, 2006

no subject

why do i feel the need to "blog" everytime it rains in san antonio? maybe because it's so few and far between that i want the proof that it actually did rain.

my dog must be completely bored. he is barking at himself in the mirror. now he is growling at himself. silly mastiff. stormy is asleep at my feet.

i just want to push him off and stretch my legs but i just can't do it.&nbsp; speaking of stormy, my cat loves me so much that he left me a severed squirrel head on the doormat.

nice to look down too when your walking in the door tired, slamming your cell phone in your purse and looking for house key. russ called me out of the blue this evening and we talked for what must have been an hour/ maybe hour and a half. he called when he was stuck in l.a. traffic and when we hung up he was still stuck in l.a. traffic. having only moved 17 miles. geezus! i told him about the hilton in las vegas that had that god awful star trek casino side where everything was trekkie and scary. he didn't believe me. oh! it's so true.

i want to go buy movies, thrift, walk the target aisles, buy sudoku books, buy a dessert of some sort. why must i live on this side of town? nothing is fun.................................

mood: not well

i have some sort of stomach bug/ailment/what not. i lasted only one hour at work today. drove home holding my stomach and praying it wouldn't explode on me on the drive home. last night thom cooked us dinner. did he poison me? oh listen to me rant on about the possibility of my boyfriend trying to poison me. silly girl. i think there's a bug going around.

there is a little brown mouse loose inside my house. where did he come from? i have no idea. my first sighting was yesterday morning. he startled me so badly that my cup of honey & mint tea crashed on the floor breaking my little tea cup into pieces. right now he is hiding behind a brick in the fireplace. i am useless when it comes to things like this. i do not want to go near it nor participate in any way,shape,or form of the capture of that little mouse. my cat stormy is useless. he's been asleep for the past 5 hours. my dog gulliver is such a goofball that mouse could probably out wit him.

sick home and stuck with a  mouse in the house. ---

how entertaining !

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

(no subject)

 location: hospital

mood: tranquil
music: luno - bloc party vs. death fr. above 1979

i cannot believe we are in the month of september already. this year went by so fast. thom & i turn two years in november. wow. crazy. today feels surreal. it's hard to believe that when i'm outside i can look up and see grey skies and rain. pure bliss. i haven't seen texas rain in such a long time it feels good to have it back. this weekend was relaxed. lots o' family time. my father still hasn't started his chemo and it was nice to see him as his usual self just talking, smiling, eating ... his cancer was stage 2 grade 4. mum's was stage 1.  as for the friends part of my weekend. i had a full day of quality time with dave (magicwaffles). also the very lovely yet hungover veronica guess (who deleted her live journal) graced us with her presence and even purchased some of my old vintage dresses and skirts i had for sale. i heart her so. this is all. <3, rosie

Sunday, September 3, 2006

he doesn't look a thing like jesus

my dog is insane. he gets a little too happy/excited when we have visitors over. he needs to find an alternate way of expressing his happiness that does not involve urinating on the guest bedroom floor. we noticed we only have these accidents when visitors come over. if it's just tom &amp; i at home (which is basically everynight, this never happens.) grrrrrrrrr. in other news my jetta decided to die on me today. this means i have to ask tom to borrow his car until mine gets fixed. i really hating asking him for anything cause he is the type of person that will hold it over my head until i have my car back. this is my saturday night. i could walk over to the nearest bar in my neighborhood to at least socialize and i have a drink but do i really want to go to a bar that's called, <em>the other woman</em>. I think I'll just stay home and indulge in more HGTV, maybe even call tom to bring me some cheese cake from the restaurant. happy saturday.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


<p>you know i really miss, the squid with no ocean, bradley baumkirchner a.k.a.&nbsp;"mr. i don't know shit about cher. " damn you project runway for keeping vincent there! :(<br /><br /><img alt="" src="" /></p>
<p><br /></p>

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

(no subject)

mood: excited.happy.tired.

holy crap! as soon as my mastiff saw me bust out the laptop he jumped on me and started licking me and basically bitch slapped me with his tail. why must my dog be insane?

project runway. hurry up! does anyone else get annoyed with kayne or am i the only hater? it's probably just me ....

home depot installation has been here at the house alllll evening. thom & i are without a stove for the next 3 days. boo.

our kitchen floor will now be black marble

our restroom will be a lovely slate

thom and gulliver are on the floor playing around and i want in .....

<3, rosie

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No Subject

home from work. my pets greeted me. they make me feel loved. grey skies outside. haven't seen grey skies since i was in las vegas. oh how i miss you las vegas! i have to keep reminiding myself to not let this haircut get me down. hair grows back. i'm just so furious at what i did to my hair. silly me! lessons learned. tomorrow home depot comes and installs our new tile in the kitchen and bathroom. i love having a home with a back yard and a large porch. now if only i could pay my electric bill in full, life would be grand ...

Monday, August 28, 2006

(no subject)

location: work still
mood: embarrassedembarrassed
music: soft revolution - stars

so .. miss sara piranhie did an awesome job cutting my hair. went from long to to short. i made it a point to tell sara about 4 times, DO NOT CUT MY BANGS!  they are long and pretty and i have never had bangs this long in my life. so last night i'm watching  a movie and the girl on the screen has a short little bob with cute pageboy bangs. i'm like awwwww how cute, i want those bangs. i have cut my bangs for years so i get out my clippers and go to work..... -----------


not only are my bangs uneven but their shorter than short., i mean geezlaweez! what the hell was i thinking.... so now i'll be sporting the thick black headband with a bob for the next 3 months.

gosh i'm stupid !

Saturday, August 26, 2006

(no subject)

location: my messy house
mood: determined
music: project runway re-runs

thanks dave for going and keeping me company @ work yesterday.

this morning  me, thom, mum, and post-surgery dad put a new fence in the back yard for dog gulliver.
my parents are awesome, they met thom & i at home depot and helped us pick out the fence for our back yard.
i wish they lived closer to me. i know it was a little drive for them this morning. god bless them.

so much work. so much heat. oh my god! i'm exhausted. we did it though and it looks good.

ms. sara garcia is on her way over to cut my hair. oh! i love haircuts! i'm thinking SHORT !!!!

this evening i have my nephew evan's 9th b-day party at my sister's house.

so much for lounging around the house and doing nothing today.....

<3, rosie

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No Subject

nessersrocks and i headed out to the beach last night for dollar beer. drank 3 lone stars and woke up with the worst hangover. what? just 3 beers? lone stars? your kidding me, right? i'm turning into an old lady and can't hang with alcohol anymore. .. complete embarassment. 

got an unexpected phone call from russ, on vacation, in colorado. SO JEALOUS! 

do you think this purse is pretty or ugly? si o' no? 

Monday, August 21, 2006

le' weekend

after the horrendous oral surgery last weekend, my mouth has finally begun healing.

this weekend went by too fast. spent most of the weekend with my father and family. my father looks so little and tiny. he lost 13 pounds in the hospital and he looks so fragile now. as if i touched, he might break. my cousin mikele leaves back to italy on the 26th. it was fun having him here. he wants to live here, in america... (why?)

i wanted to be residing in las vegas by november. now with my father and his illness and his chemotherapy around the corner, i just couldn't leave. tom & i will still be moving out of our house in november and will rent in the medical center area for the time being. we will only sign a six month lease then when all is well with family  we will be leaving back to las vegas for good.

i have nothing else to write. boring post. i'm at work. it is boring. love, rosie


mood: boredbored
music: teenager - camera obscura

after the horrendous oral surgery last weekend, my mouth has finally begun healing.

this weekend went by too fast. spent most of the weekend with my father and family. my father looks so little and tiny. he lost 13 pounds in the hospital and he looks so fragile now. as if i touched, he might break. my cousin mikele leaves back to italy on the 26th. it was fun having him here. he wants to live here, in america... (why?)

i wanted to be residing in las vegas by november. now with my father and his illness and his chemotherapy around the corner, i just couldn't leave. tom & i will still be moving out of our house in november and will rent in the medical center area for the time being. we will only sign a six month lease then when all is well with family  we will be leaving back to las vegas for good.

i have nothing else to write. boring post. i'm at work. it is boring. love, rosie

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

cheers darlin'

mood: sadsad
music: cheers darlin' - damien rice (how appropriate!)

i do not know why i let the smallest things affect me and my day.


the vending machine keeping my dollar
being 15 minutes late for work
my tooth on constant pound mode
lou and melissa getting married

it shouldn't sting but it does.


location: university hopsital
mood: crappycrappy
music: somebody to love - queen

so i'm here at the hospital, at work. my tooth (wait a minute! what tooth!). i am so used to saying my tooth hurts. i guess i should say my socket hurts. that sounds dumb. anyway, my mouth is still in pain and here i am at work. i tried to get today off also but the hospital said no. boo.

Monday, August 14, 2006


location: my living room in my house
mood: soresore

what a crap life i am living.

yesterday morning i had emergency oral surgery. 

the pain, guys !!!! the pain !!!!!!

my father is still in the hospital and his surgery went very well.

both of my parents are cancer survivors now.

decided to take the day off from work. (not for fun, for the pain.)

this was a boring and useless post. sorry.

Monday, August 7, 2006


don't we have bigger problems in the world than who's buying property in crawford,tx?

(no subject)

sara cut my hair into a cute little bob. i love it and i love her.

i just got paid friday but with all my bills + groceries + hair cut + evan's birthday gift.
i'm completely broke. i hate being broke. i am so broke.

the 100 + degree weather is unbearable. please tropical storm ernesto bring me rain.

i am having a hard time finding the perfect comforter for my sleigh bed in our guestroom.

time for an afternoon snack, whole grain wheatables with nutella spread on top is just heavenly.
if you have not tried this, you def. should.

happy sunday....

love, rosie

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i was in 3 states today

had drinks & dinner in albuquerque, new mexico last night.
spent the night there also. aside from the homeless man smoking crack and the flock of goth kids i encountered, albuquerque was a-okay.

this morning i did the trek from albuquerque, new mexico to flagstaff, arizona. oh how i love you flagstaff with kaibab forest and the delicious scents of cedar and pine.

from flagstaff it was off to kingman,arizona for horrendous thunderstorms that literally had me thinking i'd drown from all the down pour that surrounded me.

ended up at the hoover dam. where i stopped and stood and did not understand why everyone around me stood and had their picture taken with a f'ing dam. huh? what?

the roads thru the mountains from and to the hoover damn were insanely winding and steep and not for people like me who fear heights...

finally in the distance i could see the skyline of downtown las vegas.
this dirty-ass city never changes. dinner @ monte carlo pub and grill with tom then off to gamble at bellagio where i won 53.00 bucks.

vegas + rose = happiness. home sweet home.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Jun. 15th, 2006 | 09:15 am
in five and a half months i will be a resident of nevada.

in one month i will be in las vegas. july 17-23

in ten hours i am having dinner with my sister and nephews @ rainforest cafe on the river walk.

in 40 minutes i clock into work.

in 15 minutes i cook something for breakfast to tidy me over til' dinner

now i log out and go shower.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


location: parents house
mood: boredbored
music: hot club of cowtown

dear weekend,
you were quite pleasant to me.
i heart you for this immensely.
love, rose

weekend was nice, v. hot but nice. friday i could hardly find anybody that wanted to do anything so headed out to meet up with vince, toby, and erich. vince is leaving us for colorado next month. good for him. swell time. called it a night early.

saturday was all about the spurs first finals game. i suck at directions and locations so dave was pretty pissed about this. brad brought us all lunch from johnny rocket's. once home i couldn't keep my eyes open (not even for the spurs game so i left the guys and took a nappy nap.) next thing i know a VERY drunk jamesy pie is jumping on my bed smelling like nothing but alcohol. geezus. spent most of the evening in bed not feeling well while dave played around on the comp and just kept me company. i heart my friends so.

as for sunday, today. i'm here at my parents house half way across town. i have no idea why mum calls me and gives me this big guilt trip on now i need to come over often and blah blah blah and now i am here and she is asleep. what! annoying.

this is all i got for now. happy sunday. love, rose

Friday, April 7, 2006

(no subject)

mood: giddygiddy

[info]magicwaffles and i hung out last night. got a late start. drank big beers and listened to not one good song. the kristopher graced us with his moley presence. dave, should never give out directions again. tonight is first friday. free wine + art walk. indeed i will take myself to my old home.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

yes and no and yes

mood: sleepysleepy

project runway marathon! yes! my afternoon is complete!

my sister and brothers are all on their way to new mexico for spring break.
they all left @ 4:00 a.m. driving. boo. why didn't i get the invite?

last night kristopher and i met up with van and brad @ bar america.
that was fun for a while then cock punches happened then it was fun again.
left a little after van and brad and just came home.

tried sleeping. take 1. phone starts ringing. riiiiiiing. john laws.
tried sleeping. take 2. phone starts ringing. riiiiiiing. kristopher.

i feel so awfully tired. i wanted to spend the day with mum and dad but i think i'll go visit them tomorrow in the day.

i have nothing else really to say. xoxo, rose

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Details...

Feb. 23rd, 2006 | 12:39 am
mood: cheerfulcheerful

i really hate the melissa and the lou right now. i know i shouldn't hate people but geezlaweez this has gotten insane. so insane that i know for a fact i will never talk to lou again. at least can i say i was the only adult in this whole situation. i am kind of glad that they are both out of my life now. lou didn't stick up for me once. heart crushing. that melissa is wicked. she wrote me this huge e-mail that was the cry of a very desperate female clinging on to her no good fiancee loser. better her than me.

other interesting news. i am giddy these days thanks to mr. john laws. it's funny how myspace can reunite you with an old friend, old lover, old ex-boyfriend for that matter. he lives in iowa now so that's the super suck of everything. we used to be together about 6 years ago here in san antonio. he works for the railroad so lives out there now. though he did put in a transfer back to san antonio in june. yaaaaay. we talk on the phone everyday. i got an invite to des moines for march 19,20, and 21 but des moines doesn't really sound too appealing for me. he will be here for a week in april. i'm excited about the possibilty of there being possibilties. i adored him once. could i do it again?

spent the day with dave. going to jive and picking up china latina for dinner. watching american idol and going to bar america for lone stars. life is completely good. still living with ex-boyfriend. we are friends. he should be moving out soon. i'll be sad but i can't wait to start my new life.

i'm sleepy. goodnight. love, rosie

Monday, February 13, 2006

tiptoe thru the tulips with me.

i just heard my voice mail and had one from kristopher calling me, "his little tulip..."
i am tired of men. i am tired of shitty two-faced men that pretend to not like you but really, really, really truly and genuinely do. i am tired of a lot of things these days. i miss my mum. she comes back from italy on thursday. i think it is good to be an adult and to still miss your parents. it reminds me that i came from somewhere ... somewhere good ....

happy monday! <3, rose

Thursday, February 9, 2006

And what...

just here killing time as usual. week has been busy and fun. monday was daniela's birthday. had dinner at her house with her family and ate the best carrot cake ever. we then headed out to the beach for $1 night. vanessa met us out there. kristopher showed up soon after also. we were all mistaken for lesbians, wait thats wrong because daniela is a lesbian so van & i were mistaken. vanessa was the one getting free drinks from the girl sitting on the other side of the bar.

tuesday night was the big birthday party celebration. the usuals showed up at bar america and it was pretty fun and just chill and really really really mellow and fun. very simple and very nice.

wednesday van and i headed out to bar america just to get out our houses and talk no business grammy talk. kristopher joined us soon after and another good night was in store.

tonight i promised my baby pia we would watch corpse bride so no going out for me.

xoxo, rose

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

like ass.

Jan. 24th, 2006 | 11:07 am
mood: nauseatedhungover
at work. completely hungover. 2 pukefest trips to the restroom later and i still feel like crap. must find way to be sent home early. i will grovel, beg, suck up, kiss ass, JUST LET ME GO HOME!!!!

clearly i must have been completely drunk last night because i was caught dancing to debarge's, rhythm of the night. sooooo gooooood! did the whole grackle munday thing last night sans the wiggle room. ( sorry just had to put that in there

argued with my unsuper ex-boyfriend kristopher last night. cops were called. cops talked to both us. no reports were filed. and of course this all happened at blue star. people don't change, we change. .. .

drove home to an empty house. boyfriend was out. stormy bear was out. kristopher & i texted for awhile then he called and we talked for an hour about everything. i know this man more than he knows himself. i know him inside and out. it's scary when you know someone so complete like that. i feel guilty like if i should only know my boyfriend that way. boyfriend got home soon after and he gave me the privacy to remain on the phone and sort the old shite out. I HAVE THE GREATEST BOYFRIEND EVER!

anyway, back to work, god i feel awful. .. .. . happy tuesday guys ....

Monday, January 23, 2006


the weekend! geezus, the weekend! friday was all about the current’s 20th anniversary blue star gallery night. free food + free wine = a little rosie very happy. mooched off as much alcohol and food that i could then headed down to bar america. met up with sam and his friend absara. that woman has got to be the most awesome chick i have ever met in my life. she is this short, cute, little indian woman, lesbian, smart = the whole package. too bad i don't go that way cause i would have been in love. she was in town on business from new york and she was just this burst of positive energy. totally cool. not only was i impressed by this woman but daniela, russell, and kristopher soon followed.

saturday was total sit on your ass and do absolutely nothing day. daniela and sam came over mid-afternoon and we all just hung out drinking and watching movies all day. how many times can you forward napolean dynamite and just watch his dance sequence? hmmmmm about 8 thousand. kristopher ended up texting around ten. then he texted sam. then daniela. geezus! we all decided to meet up at b.a. that was very short-lived for me. i lasted a good 15 minutes and could not keep my eyes open any longer so i went home and slept.

yesterday involved watching spurs game with boyfriend (whom is a poor sickly flu-bug person right now.) then as usual he went to work. who has been working 6-day weeks lately? HIM. boo. ended up @ daniela's last night for guilty pleasure sunday t.v. and her being an awesome friend and letting me do laundry there. yesterday weather horrible. today weather sunny, so sunny.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the highlight.

not much to report. i bought one curtain at goodwill for 99 cents then i went home and made it into TWO curtains and now my heart and living room are full.