Tuesday, December 6, 2005

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mood: sleepysleepy

this morning i worked. boo. then i had lunch time malt house goodness with vannessa (biotherm vannessa.)
last night was quite interesting and amusing all rolled into a night. dave came over to watch the fairly early spurs game with me in which the spurs won. van ended up swinging by. we then headed to cibal's for martinis and beers. it was closing time at cibal and we were the only table in there so they kept us longer than intended then got tired and kicked us out. headed to the mix. (on the drive there dave almost wrecked into me!) had a very drunky mc drunkster dave on my hands. was super excited to see that sean castillo was playing. hadn't heard GOOD traditional rockabilly in awhile. van got hit on the ass by a honey bun sean threw. hilarious. we then headed next door for drunken mess, no fun, no laugh, rolling eyes type of atmosphere. drunk = my friends and boy were they. gotta go. love, rose