Sunday, April 23, 2006


location: parents house
mood: boredbored
music: hot club of cowtown

dear weekend,
you were quite pleasant to me.
i heart you for this immensely.
love, rose

weekend was nice, v. hot but nice. friday i could hardly find anybody that wanted to do anything so headed out to meet up with vince, toby, and erich. vince is leaving us for colorado next month. good for him. swell time. called it a night early.

saturday was all about the spurs first finals game. i suck at directions and locations so dave was pretty pissed about this. brad brought us all lunch from johnny rocket's. once home i couldn't keep my eyes open (not even for the spurs game so i left the guys and took a nappy nap.) next thing i know a VERY drunk jamesy pie is jumping on my bed smelling like nothing but alcohol. geezus. spent most of the evening in bed not feeling well while dave played around on the comp and just kept me company. i heart my friends so.

as for sunday, today. i'm here at my parents house half way across town. i have no idea why mum calls me and gives me this big guilt trip on now i need to come over often and blah blah blah and now i am here and she is asleep. what! annoying.

this is all i got for now. happy sunday. love, rose

Friday, April 7, 2006

(no subject)

mood: giddygiddy

[info]magicwaffles and i hung out last night. got a late start. drank big beers and listened to not one good song. the kristopher graced us with his moley presence. dave, should never give out directions again. tonight is first friday. free wine + art walk. indeed i will take myself to my old home.