Friday, March 21, 2014


The first day of Spring was yesterday and in typical Spring fashion it was a beautiful day outdoors. I've had the worst little head cold so I haven't been able to enjoy this change in weather just yet. Life has been quite pleasant these days. My little two year old is getting so big. She talks so much and is the love of my life. We are still enjoying our home in Downtown San Antonio with daily walks to the Dog Park for Milla and coffee runs for us. Friends and family are all well. I'm having a couple of tiny problems health wise but nothing too major (silly gallstones, kidney stones, cyst...) Seriously, it's not major. Time to get up and start my day now. Until next time .....

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In the New Year.

I titled this post, In the New Year because just the other day In the New Year by The Walkmen came on and I found it so fitting because it is indeed that time of year. I haven't blogged in 11 months. I wish I could have found the time for it but with work and moving and school and my little one year old who is now turning 2. My life didn't leave much time for anything else. 2013 was my transitioning period. A period of growth and acknowledgment. It was an okay year and I'll leave it at that. Now 2014.... I can just feel it's going to be a good year. From Me, To You. Happy New Year!!

New Year's wishes from Neil Gaiman